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IT Modernization


Many federal agencies rely on decades-old, obsolete technologies to support critical mission programs, essential functions, and daily operations.

Agencies are challenged to provide a secure environment as access becomes increasingly open and legacy systems potentially lack the flexibility to adapt to these changing needs. Modernizing legacy systems can be very challenging, risky, costly, and resource intensive; but, with the right strategic approach, the risks can be mitigated and costs lowered.

ACT-IAC is continually developing resources to assist agencies successfully plan and manage their legacy system modernization efforts.

Current and Upcoming Projects and events

  • Expand FITARA Implementation Guidance
  • IT Modernization Best of Breed & Case Studies
  • Analysis of IT Legislation
  • Micro Modernization through Harvesting Legacy Systems
  • Align Digital 21st Century Workforce to Match IT Modernization Efforts
  • Accelerating Acquisition Innovation in Support of PMA Goals
  • ZeroTrust Cyber
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligent Automation (IA)/RPA
  • DevOps
  • Federal Agency IT Change Management
  • 5G
  • Network Modernization (EIS)
  • 2020 Presidential Transition Papers
  • Learning from the Success of Others


Current Projects:


For more information on IT Modernization, contact Nancy Delanoche or call ACT-IAC at (703)208-4800.