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On Demand Webinars

Did you miss one of ACT-IAC's webinars?  If so, you can view any of our recordings at your leisure.  Check the list below for topics of interest and begin your experience.  Once you have registered for a webinar on demand, you will receive the link and passcode to view the webinar. 

50 webinars available

Resiliency Colloquium

Recorded on Feb 9, 2021

The American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC), MeriTalk, and the Partnership for Public Service collectively partnered on an initiative to provide the new administration operating and policy recommendations to...



Creating Equity by Improving Internal Mobility

Recorded on Mar 4, 2021

Defense agencies look to modernize and streamline the acquisition process, but too often are hindered by disconnected systems, manual processes and organizational complexity. Successful acquisition innovation requires an agile approach and...



Chief Experience Officers & Chief Information Officers: A Case for Collaboration

Recorded on Mar 3, 2021

Defense agencies look to modernize and streamline the acquisition process, but too often are hindered by disconnected systems, manual processes and organizational complexity. Successful acquisition innovation requires an agile approach and...



Prioritizing Use Cases to Guide Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategies in the Federal Government

Recorded on Feb 24, 2021

This panel will explore how agencies can identify specific use cases where AI would return significant benefit, as well as how agencies can best prioritize use cases. Listen in as subject matter experts share their approaches to these questions,...



Three Secrets to Stopping Ransomware Cold

Recorded on Feb 16, 2021

Protecting your agency from ransomware can feel like a full-time job. From hiding in SSL to chasing unknown file downloads to preventing lateral movement, there seems to be no shortage of ways ransomware can outsmart your defenses.



Accelerating acquisition innovation with low-code automation

Recorded on Feb 2, 2021

Defense agencies look to modernize and streamline the acquisition process, but too often are hindered by disconnected systems, manual processes and organizational complexity. Successful acquisition innovation requires an agile approach and...


Federal Insights Exchange Session featuring Department of Commerce

Recorded on Dec 11, 2020

Dr. Chakib will discuss the use of AI in the US Government space and the innovative NTIS Fed-to-Fed framework for data science innovation through precedent-setting partnerships with industry, universities, and non-profits to address national data...



The Shecession, COVID, and Women in the Federal Workplace

Recorded on Dec 10, 2020

This panel will explain and highlight the issues and provide concrete actions Federal agencies can take to mitigate the impacts of COVID on Women in the Federal workplace.



ACT-IAC General Membership Meeting - December 9, 2020

Recorded on Dec 9, 2020

Don't miss the opportunity before the holidays to get caught up on the latest developments in the ACT-IAC community.



DevSecOps: Best Practices for Managing and Delivering DevSecOps

Recorded on Dec 9, 2020

This session will explore the processes, tools and people that comprise DevSecOps work and share best practices on managing progress and costs.


Health Innovation Day 2020

Recorded on Dec 2, 2020

The United States transitioned from just a recurring flu season to a full pandemic with the infiltration of the Corona Virus.  This pandemic caused the healthcare system to turn upside down and develop new pathways, processes, and techniques for...


CX Summit 2020

Recorded on Nov 18, 2020

The COVID-19 has been an accelerant for innovation and modernization.  The Federal government impacts nearly every aspect of American life, contributing to the health, safety, security and economic stability of people in America and throughout...


Federal Insights Exchange Session featuring General Services Administration ITC Leadership

Recorded on Nov 16, 2020

The Federal Insights Exchange and the Networks & Telecommunications COI is pleased to host an informative and interactive session with GSA’s  Federal Acquisition Service, Information Technology Category (ITC) leadership team.  


Federal Insights Exchange Session featuring Department of State

Recorded on Nov 13, 2020

The Federal Insights Exchange is pleased to have Stuart M. McGuigan, Chief Information Officer, Department of State, and his leadership team as our guest speakers.  The State Department successfully modernized through the COVID crisis due to the...


Federal Insights Exchange Session featuring NIH NITAAC CIO SP4

Recorded on Nov 12, 2020

This event provides one of the last opportunities for government and industry to share insights and information that will result in a better solicitation process and procurement vehicle. 


Federal Insights Exchange Session featuring Department of Homeland Security

Recorded on Nov 10, 2020

How are biometrics being incorporated into the mission and strategy of Department of Homeland Security?  Learn from a panel of experts about the current uses, policies and challenges as well as areas where industry can assist.  Arun...



How Agile Can Take You to the Cloud

Recorded on Nov 10, 2020

This panel of government and industry experts will discuss steps to build and mature a lean-agile organization with an emphasis on technical agility to deliver mission success in the cloud.



Zero Trust Beyond the Buzzword

Recorded on Nov 9, 2020

Attend this webinar to learn about the best practices for implementing a zero trust architecture to protect your most sensitive data despite the dissolving perimeter.


Emerging Technology Forum 2020

Recorded on Nov 4, 2020

Emerging Technologies are evolving at a faster pace than ever before.  Attend this event, featuring government, industry and academia, to learn more about 5G, Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Quantum and more.  We will look...


ReImagine Nation ELC 2020

Recorded on Oct 26, 2020

Just as COVID-19 has forced all of us to re-imagine our lives, we give you ReImagine Nation ELC 2020.  Having invested in a cutting-edge delivery platform, we will exceed expectations by offering live and just-in-time content to a geographically...



When Does Information Become TMI?

Recorded on Oct 15, 2020

This webinar will focus on the exponential rise of successful adoptions and the best practices across public and private sectors, by leveraging data as a strategic asset and enabler of transformation.


Acquisition Excellence 2020

Recorded on Oct 6, 2020

The most expansive explosion of innovative activity in federal acquisition in a quarter of a century is continuing to gain power as it spreads across the government, bottom to top, and side to side. Last year’s theme was “Acquisition...


Federal Insights Exchange Session featuring Department of Homeland Security CIO

Recorded on Sep 30, 2020

Karen Evans, appointed DHS Chief Information Officer in June, will share her perspective on IT leadership needed to address the DHS mission. How has her previous executive experience shaped her approach for this role at this time of new safety...


Igniting Innovation 2020 Conference and Awards

Recorded on Sep 3, 2020

Igniting Innovation is your best chance to see the newest innovations in the public sector.


Federal Insights Exchange Session featuring Department of Treasury

Recorded on Aug 26, 2020

The Government’s increasing adoption of emerging technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), artificial intelligence, and Blockchain will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the federal workforce. However, the key to the successful...



Simplifying Federal Cybersecurity for the Network of the Future

Recorded on Aug 20, 2020

Join CenturyLink government security professionals for insight into solving agency-specific security challenges while leveraging network visibility.



5 Steps to Stop Chaotic Cloud Spend

Recorded on Aug 13, 2020

We’ll walk through 5 steps to help you stop chaotic cloud spend decisions and start gaining control of cloud costs that the entire organization can fall in line with.



Accelerate IT Modernization with a Hybrid Low-Code Microservices Architecture

Recorded on Jul 29, 2020

The webinar will talk about modernization journeys, low-code experiences, what works, what doesn’t, and why low-code hybrid solutions are needed for more large and complex modernization programs.



Are We There Yet? Developing the Roadmap for Maturing Your DevOps Practices

Recorded on Jul 22, 2020

During this discussion, government and industry experts will explore their experiences - from getting started and the steps toward achieving maturity.



Machine Learning and Automation: Staying on Track to Detect Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Recorded on Jul 16, 2020

The webinar will focus on the best practices that will support the oversight of the CARES Act as a way to illustrate opportunities for all agencies to transform.


Federal Insights Exchange Session featuring USPTO Leadership

Recorded on Jul 15, 2020

Mr. Holcombe and his team will share a six month update on progress made, and plans for the future. The team will shed light on its accomplishments and challenges in migrating from project teams to product teams, and provide details on critical...



5G: The Future of Digital Connectivity & Commerce

Recorded on Jul 9, 2020

This webinar offers government & business leaders the opportunity to convene, collaborate, and share the latest on how governments and industries are currently leveraging 5G to where 5G is headed in the future.


Federal Insights Exchange Session featuring NOAA

Recorded on Jul 8, 2020

As the largest bureau in the Department of Commerce, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Acquisition and Grants Office (AGO) executes just over $3B annually in contracts and financial assistance grants to support of...



Quantum Cyber Webinar

Recorded on Jun 24, 2020

This is a learning, sharing and understanding webinar to further educate government, industry and academia on the power of Quantum.


Federal Insights Exchange Session featuring Small Business Administration

Recorded on Jun 23, 2020

Starting on July 15, 2020, the certification process for Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSBs) and Economically Disadvantaged WOSBs (EDWOSBs) will begin to change as SBA implements Congress’ changes to the Women-Owned Small Business Federal...



A Discussion on Disruptive Federal DevOps 2.0

Recorded on Jun 15, 2020

In this webinar, we’ll hear from DevOps pioneers about what adoption strategies have worked for them, what pitfalls newcomers can avoid, and the essential culture and tool elements that will contribute to DevOps journey success.



Rise to the Challenge: Creating a Data and Analytics Ecosystem

Recorded on Jun 10, 2020

Rob Armstrong, Senior Technologist from the Teradata Technology and Innovation Office, discussed how leading data driven organizations have been able to address their diverse analytic needs by leveraging an agile ecosystem architecture to use 100...



IAC General Membership Meeting - June 4, 2020

Recorded on Jun 4, 2020

Change is happening at ACT-IAC and you won’t want to miss this virtual meeting!  This meeting is an especially important meeting, as it will feature candidate statements for the IAC Executive Committee.



Continuous Value Office: Enabling IT-as-a-Service

Recorded on Jun 2, 2020

The Continuous Value Office (CVO) is an IT operating model that ensures the people, processes and technologies successfully meet and exceed the unique challenges posed by technology modernization and emerging technologies in Federal IT. 



Small Business Alliance: Category Management 101 Webinar

Recorded on May 28, 2020

As a first in a series of sessions aimed at small businesses, join the ACT-IAC Small Business Alliance for "Category Management 101" which will feature a discussion on Category Management, Spend Under Management (SUM), what it means to be Best-In...


Federal Insights Exchange Session featuring Department of Veterans Affairs

Recorded on May 21, 2020

The Department of Veterans Affairs will receive $19.6 billion in additional funding to fight the pandemic under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act).  The majority of the money allocated to VA will go directly to the...


Emerging Technology and the Workforce: Effecting or Affected? That is the Question

Recorded on May 20, 2020

Join us as we discuss the unique opportunities presented to government leadership in transitioning federal workforce skill set to embrace AI/ML, Blockchain, and the like into their portfolios.



The New Digital Normal: Why Network Modernization is Taking Center Stage

Recorded on May 19, 2020

As agencies find solutions for their current needs, they need to be thinking about what comes next, and accelerating their IT and network modernization efforts should be at the forefront of many of those discussions.



Customer Experience of Identity

Recorded on May 15, 2020

 This webinar will explore the future of CX and identity management – securely utilizing data sources across agencies to help verify identity that contributes to safe, secure, and better CX


FIE Session featuring General Services Administration FAS Leadership

Recorded on May 5, 2020

Hear from GSA leaders Judith Zawatsky and Vicky Niblett, the trailblazers of on lessons learned, the benefits of using Agile, the current status, and future for this new tool.



COVID-19 Town Hall Meeting

Recorded on Apr 30, 2020

Hear government technology leaders reflect on how their agencies prepared for and are responding to this pandemic, sharing best practices, lessons learned, and more.



Doing DevOps versus Getting Results

Recorded on Apr 29, 2020

This webinar will discuss common pitfalls associated with “doing DevOps” and help participants understand the new mindsets and approaches to mission and value delivery.


Accelerating Lab-to-Market: How a Mission-Focused Shared Service can help transform the US Economy

Recorded on Apr 22, 2020

Attendees will learn about new opportunities for federal shared services, technology transfer, how the President’s Management Agenda supports them, and how government and industry can, together, create many more trillions of dollars for US...