Small Business Alliance


Small businesses are a driving force in the United States economy. Over 99% of U.S. employers are small businesses. They produce over 65 percent of the net new jobs in the economy and create over 50 percent of the nonfarm private gross domestic product (GDP). Studies show that small firms also produce twice as many innovations as large firms relative to the number of persons employed. Small businesses play an important role in helping government serve the nation and improve its operations. Approximately 60% of all IAC members are small businesses with annual government revenues under $30 million.  

ACT-IAC is committed to fostering the growth of small businesses and ensuring that they continue to play an important role in the government information technology marketplace - which is why ACT-IAC launched the Small Business Alliance in March 2014. This member-focused group is chartered to promote the interests and contributions of Small Business through programs and events designed to increase member engagement, enable stronger liaison across ACT-IAC offerings and provide an in-depth Community of Interest specific to the affinity of small business, tailored to the varying levels of maturity of our members.

ACT-IAC’s small business goals are:

  • Educate small businesses on how to be successful in the government marketplace.
  • Provide small businesses with products and services tailored to their specific needs.
  • Educate government executives on the value of small businesses.
  • Provide programs that will match small businesses with government programs.
  • Provide programs that will provide opportunities for small and large businesses to forge partnerships.
  • Highlight and recognize exceptional small businesses in the government information technology community.

GET INVOLVED: Who Should Join the Alliance?

  • To be a part of the ACT-IAC Small Business Alliance you must first be a member of ACT-IAC. To join ACT-IAC please click here. To join the Small Business Alliance click here to go to the group page and click the join group button at the top of the page.   
  • The ACT-IAC Small Business Alliance is comprised of both small and large businesses, as well as government partners - in complete collaboration - to ensure the agenda, topics, events, and community can address the realities of small business, while enabling best practices for growth and graduation.

Participation is a Member Benefit

Participation in Small Business Alliance is limited to ACT-IAC members only If you are an ACT-IAC member please log in above with your member account. For information on becoming a member or go to the Join ACT-IAC page. If you require additional help, contact Natalie Horton at [email protected] or call (703) 598-7020.



"It was so nice to be able to thank you in person today. What a great event! My wife and I loved the panel of lawyers. It gave us a lot to think about. Great venue and to a person, everyone was friendly and approachable.

Great job!!"

- Conor Nicolson | NSS FED


"Want to thank you so much for the great organization of today's event.  The panels were great and very informative, the prime one-on-one sessions were amazing, and you all were so helpful."

- Judy Ayala, CGO, Founder, & CEO | Nueducation


Upcoming Small Business Alliance Events

May 31, 2024

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Registration is now OPEN!

Small Business Alliance, Mentor-protégé  Agreements and Joint Ventures

LMI | 7940 Jones Branch Drive, Tysons, VA  22102

Sponsorships available

Contact Natalie Horton at [email protected] for more information


June 11, 2024

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Registration is now OPEN!

2024 ITVMO Annual Summit

Deloitte | 1919 N Lynn Suite 1500, Arlington, VA 22209

Sponsorships available

Contact Natalie Horton at [email protected] for more information


Coming Soon!

November 19, 2024

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Small Business Alliance Fall Networking Event

American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council
3040 Williams Drive, Suite 500
Fairfax, VA  22031

Sponsorships available

Contact Natalie Horton at [email protected] for more information

Coming Soon!

Date and Location TBD

Connect and Collaborate: Engage with Civilian Agencies in Multi-Agency Meetings

Sponsorships available

Contact Natalie Horton at [email protected] for more information

Coming Soon!

Date TBD

Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting Systems (CPARS)-A Virtual Event

Sponsorships available

Contact Natalie Horton at [email protected] for more information