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Federal Insights Exchange


Engage Federal Agencies in Collaborative Sessions: ACT-IAC Federal Insights Exchange

One of the main goals of ACT-IAC is the advancement of government services through the cooperative actions of government and industry.  Through the learning and engagement of our members, ACT-IAC is committed to foster better communication between our industry and government members.  The ACT-IAC Federal Insights Exchange supports that goal by focusing on bringing industry and government executives together for short-duration programing where agencies leaders can share priorities, challenges, success stories on topics critical to a specific agency. 

The ACT-IAC Federal Insight Exchange Goals are:

  • Facilitate and enable early, regular, and constructive engagement with the goal of improving the productivity of acquisition activities
  • Create a nexus where agency-specific needs can be informed by the Communities of Interest (COIs) that bring advanced thinking on technology, business processes, and human engagement
  • Enable both federal agencies' and industry to recognize areas most likely to produce positive mission outcomes in the form of greater efficiency, contract savings and improved requirements development.

Who should Join the ACT-IAC Federal Insights Exchange?

To be part of the ACT-IAC Federal Insights Exchange, you must be a current member of ACT-IAC who has an interest in supporting the creation of programming focused on a specific agency that fosters collaboration between our industry and government members.   If you'd like to join the committee, please  contact Kisha Powell,

Are you interested in leading a team for another agency? If so, please contact Ann-Marie Johnson at

ACT-IAC Federal Insights Exchange Committee Leadership
2019-2020 Calendar Year

Industry Chair: Ann-Marie Johnson, Ardent Management Consulting, Inc.

Team Leads:

Department of Agriculture: Tami Hartz, CGI
Department of Commerce: Linda Hedden, Tricorp, Inc.
Department of Defense/ Intel: Derek Kissos, Appian
 General Services Administration: Deidre Murray,  Deirdre Murray & Associates LLC

Department of Health and Human Services: Todd Pantezzi, Perspecta
 Department of Homeland Security: Madeline Bayliss, IBM
Department of Justice : Andy Lieber, TBD Consulting
Department of Transportation: Cheryl Waldrup, Strongbridge LLC
Department of Treasury: Andy Livermore, Devis
Department of State: Pawan Gyanwali, Ardent Management Consulting, Inc.
Department of Veterans Affairs: Alex Lunsford, Oracle

Department of Justice : Open

ACT- IAC Staff Partner: April Davis, Director, Member Services

ACT- IAC Staff Partner: Colleen Kennedy, Associate Director, Meetings





Upcoming Federal Insights Exchange Events

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