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Current Projects and Activities

ACT-IAC undertakes numerous projects every year that provide great opportunities for government and industry to work together on important issues of mutual interest. These projects, which can range from national policy to improving management practices to tapping new and innovative use of technologies, offer an excellent way to get involved. Listed below are the current ACT-IAC Projects and Activities.

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Acquisition Obstacles/Myth Busting:  Share best practices or lessons learned or make recommendations for changes around acquisition policies that impact sharing services and/or IT modernization procurements that inhibit agencies and industry from getting to the desired results.


The ACT-IAC AI Working Group seeks to enable government agencies with the ability to assess their organization to identify areas that would benefit from the introduction of artificial intelligence and share best practices to implement AI to drive mission and operational value.


Many smaller Federal Government Agencies (outside the 24 CFO Act) face challenges to provide state-of-the-art IT services to support mission and business delivery for their organizations.


Provide an authoritative resource for government agencies looking to understand and incorporate blockchain functionality into their organization.

The purpose of the Cloud ATO Work Group is to convene subject matter experts to exchange information related to cloud security authorizations to operate (ATOs) including but not limited to the FedRAMP program.

Assess the customer experience and customer service playbooks and create a government version that captures the state of customer experience and aligns with the Digital Services Playbook.  It will address top plays needed to improve the experience the public has with government and give the incoming Administration a baseline by which to establish goals and specific targets.  It will also establ


ACT/IAC Customer Experience Summit
May 2018
Title: "Driving Operational Efficiency through Better Citizen Experience"

"We might hope to see the finances of the Union as clear and intelligible as a merchant's books, so that every member of Congress and every man of any mind in the Union shall be able to comprehend them, to investigate abuses, and consequently, to control them.”


This project will research and propose methods to expand the ACT-IAC IT Management Maturity Model to support agencies in their FITARA implementation and IT governance

Provide an ongoing forum for capturing government and industry comments, feedback, and recommendations on relevant topics related to the FTI-2 program throughout its lifecycle.

Serve as a liaison between GSA, Government and Industry to drive collaborative conversations around NS2020 timelines, vehicle requirements and transition. The focus of projects/meetings will be on issues that are not procurement related. 

The COI will create responses to GSA inquiries, develop and deliver white papers, support meetings and industry days. 


Post Conference work products and symposium devoted to practitioner exchange on use cases and practical application.

Anticipated Outcomes:

Sessions artifacts, use cases, productivity information, implementation knowledge, and capability information for membership use.

This project is an ACT-IAC Executive Committee Focus Area.

A series of events to identify myths pertaining to specific laws, regulations, court rulings or policies, and separate fact from fiction so participants will have informed, accurate conversations with their superiors, subordinates and stakeholders.


This project will take a look at existing policies and regulations that may need to be adapted or clarified so as to not inhibit sharing or IT Modernization.  This study will also look at the role of the C-Suite in this new environment.



There are a number of policy issues that are impacted by a shared service environment, they are listed below:

This project is an ACT-IAC Executive Committee Focus Area.

Determine the role of cyber insurance in Government operations including expansion of the DHS Cyber Incident Data and Analysis Working Group (CIDAWG) program, insurance’s role in infrastructure protection and resiliency, and other issues.