About American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC)

The American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization established to improve government through the effective and innovative application of technology. ACT-IAC provides an objective, trusted and ethical forum where government and industry executives can communicate, collaborate and learn. ACT-IAC is the premier public-private partnership in the government technology community and has been called “an example of how government and industry can work together.” The former U.S. Chief Technology Officer called ACT-IAC the “Switzerland of the government IT community.”

The ACT-IAC organizational structure is much like a coin. One side is the American Council of Technology (ACT) and the other is the Industry Advisory Council (IAC). While each has its own identity, it is the relationship between the two that creates value. Find out about the two aspects of this organization and how you can join and become part of the collaborative movement below.

Government Professional? Join the American Council for Technology (ACT)

Government employees engage in the organization through the American Council for Technology (ACT). ACT was established in 1979 by government employees, with the encouragement of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and General Services Administration (GSA), to provide a forum where Federal, state and local government employees could communicate and collaborate. ACT is governed by an Executive Committee of senior government executives. ACT is an individual membership organization and membership is available for free to any full-time government employee. The ACT Executive Committee establishes the strategic direction for the organization and protects the integrity of the collaborative process. 

Government membership in ACT is free and requires only that you sign up for a member account. To join ACT today, set up an account by clicking here.

Industry Professional? Join the Industry Advisory Council (IAC)

In 1989 ACT created the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) to provide an objective, ethical and vendor-neutral forum where government executives could communicate and collaborate with their industry peers. IAC has 500 member companies, of whom approximately 60% are small businesses. IAC is a corporate membership organization and companies pay dues based on their government revenues. The IAC Executive Committee, a group of industry executives elected by the IAC membership, advises and supports the ACT Executive Committee. 

Membership in IAC is open to any for-profit or non-profit organization that shares the ACT-IAC vision. For-profit companies pay dues based on their annual government revenues. Non-profit organizations pay dues based on their annual budget.

I am Ready to Join: How to Create an ACT-IAC Member Account

Get access to ACT-IAC Member Benefits with an online account!

  • Full-time government employees receive full member benefits immediately after creating their account.
  • Industry professionals (including government contractors) receive:
    • Guest benefits if they're not affiliated with a corporate membership
    • Full member benefits if they're employed by a Member organization 
  • If your organization is already a member of IAC, you are entitled to all the benefits of a membership. To find out if your company is an IAC member, check the current IAC membership roster. To begin taking advantage of those benefits, set up an account.
  • If your organization is not on the list, it will need to join in order for you to participate. For more information about, or to join IAC membership, click here or contact April Davis, Director of Member Services.

How To Create An ACT-IAC Online Account

  1. Click Login to start the account creation process and follow the prompts. 

Should you need assistance, contact ACT-IAC at [email protected]. We'll be happy to get you set up.



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