Communities of Interest (COI)

The Communities of Interest (COIs) are the heart of the ACT-IAC collaborative forum, where government and industry are working together to develop best practices, new solutions, and innovative strategies to improve government through the application of technology. The COIs address specific areas and provide an opportunity for government and industry to work together to improve government. COIs enable awareness of community events, activities, news, and other information sharing. They also host programming that interests their members and establish projects and events that enable close collaboration. 

The COIs provide a government-driven, objective, vendor-neutral ethical forum where government and industry communicate and collaborate. Participation in the COIs is open to all ACT-IAC current members.  

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Current ACT-IAC COIs include:

The Acquisition COI is focused on increasing engagement and facilitating the sharing of best practices between the government and industry to improve the federal acquisition process.

The Customer Experience COI strives to change the culture in government and industry to understand what is needed to be customer-centric. This includes all aspects of supporting the citizen journey, from understanding customer expectations through training and educating leaders to understand the importance of being customer-centric. This COI focuses on culture, training & professional development, innovation, agency support, and tools & practices to break down barriers to improving the overall customer experience. 

The Cybersecurity COI is focused on being a primary contributor for ACT-IAC membership to solve their key challenges of information security and privacy. The COI goal is to provide thought leadership to effectively enable them to address their mission security and privacy needs in the midst of mission needs, applicable governmental policy, regulations and laws, and the ever-changing IT security and privacy threats. COI members focus on blending information security, sharing, and privacy policies from acquisition through execution. 

The Emerging Technology COI collaborates with Federal Chief Executive Officers (CXOs) and other government executives responsible for identifying, assessing, and deploying emerging technology and maturing it to become a major component of the IT & business strategy, as well as industry, government, academia, and the greater community to provide products, services, processes, and business models enabling innovative approaches to solving government issues and challenges.  The Emerging Technology COI is currently organized into working groups and/or projects as are our objectives with cross-functional activities:  Blockchain Working Group, AI Working Group, IoT Smart Infrastructure Working Group, DevSecOps Working Group, Quantum Knowledge Group, ET Accelerator.

The Evolving the Workforce COI brings industry and government executives together to promote improvements to federal human capital policy, practice, and operations. The COI fosters best practices through information exchange, identifying and evaluating emerging human capital innovations, and addressing human capital challenges through government/industry partnerships.

The COI is focused on modernizing the policies, practices and operations that impact the federal workforce.

As the nation’s largest employer, we believe it’s vital for federal employees to feel supported, engaged and empowered to serve the American public to their best ability. We ensure the federal workplace is keeping pace with the modern and ever-changing needs of its employees. We do this primarily through research, policy recommendations and community forums.
Current Objectives

  • Provide a forum for human capital issues and emerging trends.
  • Advance the President’s recent Executive Orders to foster a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce that can attract and retain talent.
  • Connect with IT and human capital communities to explore and expand the intersection of technology and the federal workforce.
  • Partner with government agencies to pilot recommendations based on our research.
  • Facilitate collaboration between federal employees and government contractors.

The Health COI was created in July 2019 as a result of the ACT-IAC mission on "health." This COI will cover all aspects of the President's Management Agenda that relate to health, support strategy, policy-making and governance, support government on health-related projects, drive to improve health customer experience along with modernization initiatives, EHR adoption and implementations, medical device security and integration, precision medicine, innovation adoption and modernization, data interoperability and data transparency, and health-related legislative impacts on Federal Health Agencies. This COI will interface and collaborate with other COIs as needed to maximize member engagement and enhance what ACT-IAC can provide to government. 

Current Projects Include

The IT Management and Modernization Community of Interest advises and equips government with best practices and lessons learned focused on strengthening IT management and implementation and accelerating legacy IT modernization. This COI covers all aspects of IT management and modernization, to include strategy and policy making, governance, Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC), Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) implementation, Technology Business Management (TBM), program and project management, and operations management.

Recently Completed Projects Include

The Networks & Telecommunications COI provides clear, impartial feedback, and recommendations on networks and telecommunication issues identified in collaboration with the government project sponsors and advisors. The COI addresses the following topics: Network Services 2020, EIS, wireless strategies, mobility, acquisition strategies, and the future of teleworking.



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