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ACT-IAC provides a trusted forum where government and industry executives are able to exchange information on strategies, solutions, and industry trends, foster collaboration, and create a more effective and innovative government. The ACT-IAC community includes 30,000+ representatives from government, industry, and academia.

Benefits of being a Sponsor

Sponsorship supports the ACT-IAC mission - To bring industry and government executives together to exchange information, support professional development, improve communications and understanding, solve issues and build partnerships and trust, thereby enhancing government's ability to serve the nation's citizenry. Sponsorship also enables the promotion of your company by demonstrating support for IT and Service Delivery capabilities.

Key Benefits Include:       

  • Extensive visibility among government and industry decision-makers
  • Form professional networks and relationships
  • Collaborate with experts in government and industry
  • Recognition as a leader and supporter in the government marketplace
  • Complimentary registrations, recognition, advertisements, involvement in planning and much more

ACT-IAC offers a variety of traditional sponsorship packages that include Platinum, Gold, and Silver Levels and a variety of a la carte sponsorship options. Sponsorships are applicable to any conference, program, or form; Small Business alliance event; Federal Insight Exchange; Webinar; Podcast; or advertising in the Daily News Flash. Additionally, sponsorships can be applied to the Institute for Innovation as a member or as a project lead.

Sponsorships are only available to IAC members. Any of the “Byte” or customized packages can be spread across the calendar years.

2023 Sponsorship packages

Diamond Terabyte

The Diamond Terabyte is the most comprehensive and unique sponsorship that provides the highest level of recognition at every event and extraordinary benefits available to a firm throughout the entire year. This package is limited to a select number of firms.

Premier Sponsorship Package

The customized Premier Platinum Plus package covers select conferences and programs throughout the year. This package is also limited to a select number of firms.

Gigabyte Platinum Sponsorship

This package includes the following:

  • Health Innovation Summit, Emerging Technology and Innovation Conference and Imagine Nation ELC Conference
  • Four Half Day Forums of your choice - OR - One full day program and two half day forums of your choice
  • Registrations, branding, signage and other benefits
  • Overall 40% discount over standalone event sponsorship purchases

Megabyte Gold Sponsorship

This package includes the following:

  • Emerging technology and Innovation Conference and Imagine Nation ELC Conference
  • Three half-day Forums of your choice
  • Patron sponsor for the fifteen Federal Insight Exchanges
  • Registrations, branding, signage and other benefits
  • Overall 20% discount over standalone event sponsorship purchases

Individual Programs and Forums

Half and full-day events on major topics that focus on emerging technology, innovation, solutions and outcomes, new products and tools, and other related topics. 

Click here to view our upcoming events!

Small Business Alliance

The Small Business Alliance hosts around six to eight events each year targeted to small businesses which the events provide education, updates, and information on how to succeed in the government market and doing business with specific agencies. 

Click here to learn more about ACT-IAC's Small Business Alliance.

Federal Insights Exchange (FIE)

The FIE supports fifteen agencies and provides agency C-Suite overviews on strategies, initiatives, opportunities, procurements, and specific topics throughout the year. On average, the one to two hour events are held between 35-40 times during the year. Sponsorship for the FIE is a Patron sponsor covering all events throughout the year.  

Click here to learn more about ACT-IAC's Federal Insights Exchange.

Webinar Sponsorships

Member firms who sponsor the webinar develop topics and provide presenters related to emerging technologies, solutions, or innovation which are hosted on the ACT-IAC platform. Typically, these webinars are between 45 and 60 minutes.

Click here to learn about ACT-IAC's Webinars.

Podcast Sponsorship – The Buzz

The weekly podcast is on hot topics and top issues affecting the federal technology marketplace. Companies can sponsor advertisements in the podcast or apply for a select podcast presentation.

Click here to to learn more about ACT-IAC's The Buzz.

Institute for Innovation Sponsorship

The ACT-IAC Institute for Innovation undertakes major special projects and conducts an innovation roundtable series. The Institute provides strategic thought leaderships on significant issues affecting major government programs and services. Institute sponsors receive high-level benefits including a seat on the Innovator’s Circle, engagement with the most senior levels of government and the opportunity to address issues that can truly make a difference. 

Click here to learn more about ACT-IAC's Institute for Innovation.

For information on Sponsorship Offerings, contact Carol Miller, [email protected] or Natalie Horton, [email protected].



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