Voyagers Program

The ACT-IAC Voyagers Program is a leadership development program for rising leaders in government and industry with high potential for future advancement. The objective of the program is to prepare mid-level managers for their future roles in industry and government. Educational courses are based on the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Executive Core Qualifications and the program focuses on creating true collaboration through a 1:1 ratio of government to industry participants.

Applications for the Voyagers - Applications close August 1, 2024. All applications must be submitted by 5PM EST.

Program Calendar

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Voyagers Application

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Unique Differentiators

The ACT-IAC Voyagers program is unlike any other leadership development program and provides participants with:

  • A facilitated open and trusted partnership with a 1 to 1 ratio between government and industry who collaborate in a not for attribution environment that allows both sides to “walk in the others shoes”
  • A mentoring program with a member of the Fellows community.
  • Stretching your comfort zone while teambuilding with your cohort in presenting Voyagers Got Talent
  • Experiential leadership training based on OPM’s Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs)
  • Enhanced leadership and communication skills to help empower your team and organization
  • Opportunity to collaborate with other high achievers who are facing similar challenges and helping their agencies and organizations to develop meaningful solutions
  • Led by practicing senior government and industry professionals
  • Up to 50 Continuous Learning Points
Applicant Demographics

The successful Voyager will have:

  • In general 7-14 years of experience in progressively responsible positions across a multitude of business activities, government candidates should be Grade 11-13, and newly promoted GS 14's
  • Mid-level career experience with a path to senior leadership in the next 6-10 years
  • A well-rounded background in their discipline and experience across a range of business activities
  • The ability to dedicate 10-15 hours per month for Voyagers activities during the program duration and attend all required sessions in person.
  • Candidates who have recently “switched” from government to industry or industry to government, should have at least 1 year of experience “on the other side” as the program is designed to share what it is like to walk in each others’ shoes.
  • Be recommended by a sponsor within their organization or agency

Participant fee is $4750 for government and $5495 for industry. 

This includes all meals, facilities and overnight accommodations for the offsites outside of the DC area. ACT-IAC understands and is accustomed to helping agencies navigate uncertain budgets for more information contact Sarah Hughes, Manager of Professional Development at  

*Please note only one person per industry member company should apply and can be accepted.  Industry applicants must be from a member company in good standing.

This is a highly competitive Program and agencies/companies are encouraged to nominate only their strongest candidates.

Current Voyagers Class
Lara Haase


Dia Adams


Beck Giesy


Jason Payne


Erika Wilburn-Campbell


Michelle Berk


Katherine Coyne


Caroline Sydney Thomas


Richelle Young


Aaron Mosby
TTEC Digital


Shera James Fedorak


Elaine Bond
Susan Fitzgerald & Associates, Inc.


Joan Baer


Taylor Kelley
Alpha Omega Integrations


Chris Kozler


Caithlin Sibears


Nakia Barriteau


Josiah Helms


Jennifer Samuelson


Carolyn Wright


Maren Paslick


Saira Mahmood
CGI Federal


Robert Richardson


Kristy Huang
ABS Group


Ioana Munteanu


Kate Fraser
Booz Allen Hamilton


Frederick Freeman


Stacy Langbauer
Acuity, Inc.




"Reflecting on my experience in the ACT-IAC Voyagers Leadership Program, I cannot express enough how transformative it was for me.  Being part of this unique program helped me time and time again to take the leap of faith and get out of my comfort zone.  I was fortunate to meet other professionals and learn from their experiences.  Through interacting with others and building trust, I discovered a sense of camaraderie that truly supported my situational leadership development. The tailored training led by Industry and Government experts and executives, hands on leadership experiences, contributing by giving back to the community, and the opportunity to network with others was invaluable.  I am very passionate about sharing the impact of the program, because it changed my life.  It could also be the catalyst that enables you to shift back and forth from being an introvert to semi/full blown extrovert."

David J. Valenciabonilla, Department of Veterans Affairs, Voyagers 2023 Graduate

“The ACT-IAC Voyagers Program facilitated a tremendous amount of professional growth in my development as a leader, emboldened problem-solver, and innovative thinker. Furthermore, I experienced substantial personal growth as I gained confidence and strengthened the soft-skills necessary to lead a life of impact and purpose. My collaboration with my colleagues was essential in revealing best practices, lessons learned, and lasting wisdom that I will continue to actively incorporate in delivering mission excellence. The networking opportunities are expansive and important, but being part of a community of forward-thinking and passionate professionals within the industry is what truly distinguishes ACT-IAC’s development programs. I look forward to putting all of the growth that I experienced and lessons that I learned to use in my current and future endeavors.”

Eric Smuda, QinetiQ US, Voyagers 2023 Graduate

“When I joined the ACT-IAC Voyagers Program, I was uncertain about what awaited me. However, I quickly formed strong connections with my fellow Voyagers and Leaders within the program. Through this experience, I gained insights into my own leadership style and learned valuable techniques for collaborating with individuals who possess different leadership styles. Additionally, I had the privilege of collaborating with government and industry professionals on innovative and educational initiatives. Overall, the ACT-IAC Voyagers Program has significantly contributed to my personal growth as a leader.”

Shannon Fields, DHS/Transportation Security Administration, Voyagers 2023 Graduate

"The Voyagers has been totally different than I imagined, instead of a dry, mass designed professional development program, Voyagers focused on helping me as an individual and providing a fun supportive environment to learn and grow my leadership skills."

Marie Palmer, USDA, Voyagers 2023 Graduate

“Participating in the Voyagers program was one of the most challenging yet rewarding professional development endeavors I've accomplished in my career. It was enriching, enlightening, fun, challenging, and sometimes uncomfortable, and through it I experienced personal and professional growth. The network I've been plugged into as a Partner reaches far and wide, and I am so thankful to be a part of that. The opportunity to connect with government counterparts is so unique to this program and will be an experience I continue to reflect upon moving forward in my day-to-day work.”

Jamie Mullaney, Jefferson Consulting Group, Voyagers 2022 Graduate         

“The Voyagers program is an experience all to itself! I have made so many connections and friendships that I never imaged making before V22! Almost a year after my graduation from the program, I still stay in constant contact with my ACT-IAC mentor and my V22 co-pilot. I am thankful to be a part of this larger-than-life group of amazing leaders!

Astria Newman-Weathers, Department of Health and Human Services, Voyagers 2022 Graduate

“The Voyagers Program allowed me a chance to make professional connections outside of my traditional workplace. It gave me a rare opportunity to learn about our industry as a whole and the various jobs, roles, and functions - both inside and outside of the government - that make our entire ecosystem work.”

Simone Mannello, Zscaler, Voyagers 2022 Graduate

“The Voyagers Program provided me the opportunity to meet and connect with so many wonderful industry and government associates. I learned from each and every one of them as they brought their authentic selves to this program. Every event and meeting for the program was special and always had something to take away to become a better person/leader in my personal and professional life. I enjoyed all the meetup and in person events, including Voyagers Got Talent and the Gettysburg offsite, and they will always remain special to me. I always remember and appreciate the energy and enthusiasm of our ACT-IAC coordinators who always made the events special. I am very happy and proud to be a lifelong ACT-IAC Fellow.”

Sangeeta Kumar, USCIS, Voyagers 2022 Graduate    

“The ACT-IAC Voyagers leadership course transforms not only your professional skills, but also your personal growth, by empowering you with the knowledge and tools to inspire. An absolute blast from day one and beyond graduation, learning and being around the Top Guns from industry and government has been pivotal development for my career!”

Zach Jenks, VerticalApps, Voyagers 2022 Graduate 

“As a career civil servant, I found the Voyagers Program opened my eyes to some of the challenges our counterparts in industry face when working with the federal government. Additionally, the year-long program opened the door to a community where I was able to gain professional relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime. I absolutely recommend the program for those looking to build their network and gain invaluable leadership skills.”

Ryan Hoesing, General Services Administration, Voyagers 2022 Graduate

"Voyagers gave me the opportunity to connect with leaders across government and industry in an environment where you openly discuss challenges and problems, get honest feedback and be transparent about your experiences. The ability to learn from my peers' experience is invaluable and helped me to identify areas where I can strengthen my own skill set. The relationships and network I built have extended far beyond the program."

Erin Fitzgibbons, Octo Consulting, Voyagers 2022 Graduate

“I graduated from Voyagers in September 2021 and highly recommend anyone, and everyone take it. I’ve now been through three leadership classes and Voyagers was by far the most beneficial. It’s focus on engaging Industry and Government folks truly makes it unique and helps build understandings and relationships from both sides of the table. Voyagers also further differentiates itself by insisting on getting to know the individuals in your cohorts and helping build many close relationships during the program. The staff really shows a commitment to caring about the attendees and past graduates also participate in the class as coaches to help guide the group. I learned many valuable techniques and skills during the program and utilize many of the skills not only in my professional life but my personal life as well. I highly recommend Voyagers!”

Justin Cole, VA, Voyagers 2021 Graduate

“I am so grateful for the mentorships and industry/government relationships that were formed as a part of the Voyagers Program. The community and support were incredible. This was an experience that I will never forget!”

Gena Fortune, Sail to Steam, Voyagers 2021 Graduate        

"I cannot recommend ACT-IAC's leadership programs enough. The partnering of federal and industry participants in a variety of activities not only helped us ""walk a mile"" in our counterparts’ shoes, it also provided an incredibly unique bonding experience; with both structured leadership events centered on improving govt-industry partnership, as well as social programs to build relationships and a sense of community. I am very grateful for my federal co-pilot, and the rest of the Fellows network. The trust, honesty, and camaraderie gained from becoming a part of this ACT-IAC community is a value unlike and above any other networking event or training you'll find in the fedcon space."

William Manel, Leidos, Voyagers 2021 Graduate

“I learned about myself and the leader that I would like to be versus the leader that I actually am.”

Erica Jacobs, State Department, Voyagers 2021 Graduate

“The more you give, the more you get back in return. Voyager's is like a boomerang, without all the running and throwing. I look forward to paying it forward more abundantly!”

Gem Cortez, EPA, Voyagers 2020 Graduate

“An opportunity to know individuals from diverse backgrounds and confidence to venture into new adventures”

Satish Alluri, Independent Program Management Consultant, Voyagers 2020 Graduate

“I met so many awesome people in my Voyagers class. It helps me to feel connected to our government partners in the private sector.”

John Burke, GSA, Voyagers 2020 Graduate      

“Through the program, I learned as much about myself as I did how to work better with others.”

Jason Smith, NASA, Voyagers 2020 Graduate  

“Voyagers has been amazing! I came into the program with an open mind and eager to learn from those outside of my agency. The synergy amongst the group has made growing by ECQ’s engaging, challenging and fun!” 

Ali Pourghassemi, Industry Liaison, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Voyagers 2019 Graduate

“The ACT-IAC Voyager program was the perfect combination of learning more about my public sector customers and professional leadership development. I was able to drastically expand my network, deepen my knowledge of how Cisco as a whole interacts in this space, and more about my own leadership strengths. This development program hit at the perfect time and will certainly accelerate my path forward supporting Public Sector. If you're interested in being a mover and shaker in public sector ecosystem, this is THE program to get you started!" 

Lauren Fishburn, Cloud Advisory Technical Architect, Cisco Systems, Voyagers 2019 Graduate