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Technology Business Management (TBM) C-Suite Value Conversations/Stakeholder Analysis



Technology Business Management (TBM) is a value-management methodology to provide IT cost, consumption, and performance transparency.  Initiated in private industry and adopted by Australia, OMB has included TBM into the F19 budget formulation process per recent A-11 and CPIC guidance, TBM has 4 taxonomy layers (Cost Pool/Sub-Pool, IT Tower & Sub-Tower, Applications & Services, Business Units) and will be implemented in a phased, multi-year fashion.

OMB’s FY19 IT Budget Guidance required Federal Agency CIOs begin to collect and report IT budget data using the Technology Business Management (TBM) framework.This framework is already in use by Washington State, the country of Australia, as well as many fortune 500 companies.

This project will develop a document that  discusses the C-Suite Value Conversations that TBM can enable between various agency stakeholders. 



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TBM Stakeholder Value Conversations White Paper September 2018
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Nov 2, 2018
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