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  • ACT-IAC addresses reform of DoD acquisition process

    On March 9 ACT-IAC met with the DoD Advisory Panel on Streamlining and Codifying Acquisition Regulations (also known as the 809 Commission) and provided a series of recommendations on how to improve the defense acquisition system.  In response to a request from the Commission, ACT-IAC will be providing suggestions on how to simplify the DoD acquisition process.   ACT-IAC members interested in participating in this initiative should contact Ken Allen at

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  • IAC seeks nominees to run for IAC Executive Committee

    IAC is now accepting nominations of individuals for election to the IAC Executive Committee.  Nominations are due by March 22, 2017.  Information on the vacancies to be filled, the responsibilities of the Executive Committee and the qualifications desired of candidates are available on the ACT-IAC website.

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  • John J. Franke Award – Nominations now being accepted

    Each year ACT-IAC recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions as a government employee over a significant period of time with the John J. Franke Award.  Nominations are now being accepted for this year’s award.

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  • Get Engaged!

    ACT-IAC offers many avenues for engagement tailored to your interests and availability. Find out how you can maximize the value of your membership by engaging in ACT-IAC activities.  Get involved to get the benefits.

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  • Presidential Transition

    ACT-IAC developed its third Presidential transition project under the auspices of the Institute for Innovation.  Teams of ACT-IAC volunteers developed issue papers for the next Administration. 

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  • FITARA Implementation

    ACT-IAC FITARA Project Seeking Proven Management Tools & Techniques to support OMB and Agencies in their efforts to successfully implement FITARA.  Our first project resulted in the FITARA IT Maturity Model.

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  • Legacy Modernization Project

    ACT-IAC volunteers developed the Legacy System Modernization Report to help agencies analyze, strategize, and successfully execute plans to modernize their legacy systems.

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  • ACT-IAC Member Testimonials

    Hear the great things your peers are saying about ACT-IAC.

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