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  • ACT-IAC Communities of Interest (COI) Chair and Vice-Chair Elections

    ACT-IAC Communities of Interest (COIs) elections for Chair and Vice-Chair positions, will open June 21, and close June 28 (at 5:00 p.m. EDT). Members of each COI, where an election is required, will receive an email with information regarding the candidates, online voting link, and instructions. Learn more about the COI election process here.

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  • ACT-IAC Submits Recommendations for Government Reform

    ACT-IAC submitted recommendations from its Presidential Transition Report for consideration by the Administration.  On March 13, 2017, President Trump signed the "Presidential Executive Order on a Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch" directing agencies to develop recommendations to "...improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the executive branch." The White House then established a website to collect ideas on how to improve government.

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  • IAC Announces New Leadership

    The IAC Executive Committee announced its new leadership while at the Management of Change conference.  In accordance with the IAC bylaws, an election was held to select new members of the IAC Executive Committee effective July 1.  The following individuals have been elected to the IAC Executive Committee as Vice Chairs at Large:  Susan Becker (Unisys); Ivette Granier-Smith (General Dynamics Information Technology); Malcolm Harden (CGI Federal); Rick Holgate (Gartner); Cynthia Shelton (CenturyLink); Sundar Vaidyanathan (Karsun Solutions);

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  • Get Engaged!

    ACT-IAC offers many avenues for engagement tailored to your interests and availability. Find out how you can maximize the value of your membership by engaging in ACT-IAC activities.  Get involved to get the benefits.

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  • Presidential Transition

    ACT-IAC developed its third Presidential transition project under the auspices of the Institute for Innovation.  Teams of ACT-IAC volunteers developed issue papers for the next Administration. 

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  • FITARA Implementation

    ACT-IAC FITARA Project Seeking Proven Management Tools & Techniques to support OMB and Agencies in their efforts to successfully implement FITARA.  Our first project resulted in the FITARA IT Maturity Model.

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  • Legacy Modernization Project

    ACT-IAC volunteers developed the Legacy System Modernization Report to help agencies analyze, strategize, and successfully execute plans to modernize their legacy systems.

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  • ACT-IAC Member Testimonials

    Hear the great things your peers are saying about ACT-IAC.

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