Member Benefits & Value of ACT-IAC Membership

ACT-IAC is a volunteer driven organization. As a member of ACT-IAC you have the opportunity to engage, learn and lead. Through your participation you and your organization will acquire the information, knowledge and expertise required for professional excellence. The value of ACT-IAC includes:



ACT-IAC is for individuals and organizations who wish to shape their own destiny and are committed to excellence, collaboration and integrity.


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Communities of Interests

One of our major member benefits is the opportunity for ACT-IAC members to participate within our Communities of Interests. The Communities of Interest (COIs) are the heart of the ACT-IAC collaborative forum, where government and industry are working together to develop best practices, new solutions, and innovative strategies to improve government through the application of technology. The COIs address specific areas and provide an opportunity for government and industry to work together to improve government. The eight ACT-IAC COIs are open to all current members from government, industry, and academia. 

Professional Development Programs

ACT-IAC currently has four professional development programs to which employees of member companies can apply, along with their government counterparts:

  • Partners Program - Flagship program began in 1997: 1-1 Executive Leadership Development Program for GS-15 and their industry counterparts. The program runs February - October annually with applications opening in November.
  • Voyagers Program - First class graduated in 2005: 1-1 Leadership Development Development program for GS-12-14 and their industry counterparts. The program runs September - May annually with applications opening in June. 
  • Associates Program - First class graduated in 2013: This program prepares entry-level professionals, with up to six years of experience, for their future roles as leaders in government and industry. The program runs February to December annually.
  • GLOW Program - Growth in Leadership for Women inaugurated in 2020. This is a 4 month program for women in government and industry to expand their leadership skills.  

Graduates of the Partners and Voyagers Program become members of the ACT-IAC Fellows. Graduates of the Associates Program become members of GAP and are eligible to apply in future years for the Partners or Voyagers programs. Graduates of GLOW join the cadre of graduates as GLOW-Mates. 

Our professional development programs also offer Continuing Learning Points which can assist members in maintaining professional development certifications.

Conferences, Meetings & Events

Each year ACT-IAC plans and offers a wide range of events which serve as great opportunities to stay up-to-date on the latest policies, trends and technologies within the federal IT market. Members have the opportunity to attend these events at a discounted member rate and gain access to timely and outcome-based information. ACT-IAC also offers Membership Meetings where members can network with colleagues from both industry and government. These member specific events allow members to learn more about what is happening within the ACT-IAC community, programs and events, as well as provide opportunities to engage guest speakers representing government agencies at the highest levels of government.

Projects and Event and Activity Planning Committees

Members are able to participate in featured major ACT-IAC projects or high-profile conference and event planning committees with government and industry colleagues. These projects and activities serve as major collaborative opportunities for our industry and government members and focus on the creation of tangible and valuable outcomes. All projects and program planning committees allow for synergy between government and industry leaders and are managed by volunteers that support them. Members can also propose issues for ACT-IAC to address focused on topics that they feel are important and necessary to government and industry collaboration.


Access to papers published by ACT-IAC and materials published by other organizations is available to everyone. 

You can find documents and other articles published by ACT-IAC and items published by others that contain content important to our members in the Resource Center menu.

Explore white papers and other publications in our ACT-IAC Reports.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship is available only to ACT-IAC member firms. Sponsorship enables firms to create brand awareness with government and engage other potential industry or academic partners. Through our variety of offerings from traditional sponsorship packages to a multitude of a la carte options, the sponsorship investments are more in alignment to your company’s total annual government revenue.

There are many benefits with being a sponsor to one of the programs, forums or events. Key benefits include: 

  • Opportunity to network and have extensive visibility among government and industry decision maker
  • Demonstrate and be recognized as a leader in the government marketplace
  • Opportunity to obtain additional registrations, recognition, inclusion in planning of events, and much more
ACT-IAC Awards

Each year ACT-IAC is honored to recognize individuals in government and industry who have made significant contributions to improving government and to government-industry collaboration. ACT-IAC awards individuals with the following leadership awards annually:

  • Industry Executive Leadership Award
  • Government Executive Leadership Award
  • Education Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Individual Contributor of the Year Award
  • Rookie of the Year Award 
  • Collaboration Award
  • Special Recognition Award 

More information on awards and past winners found here

ACT-IAC is also pleased to recognize outstanding examples of the power of innovation solutions in the federal market. ACT-IAC provides teams with the following innovation awards annually:

  • Innovation Champion Award
  • Innovation Impact Award

More information on awards and past winners found here.



COI Meetings