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ACT-IAC White Paper: Process Automation Product Survey

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Process Automation Product Survey: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), and Process Discovery/Mining    
Expanding Automation Opportunities in the Federal Government
Developed by the Intelligent Automation Working Group, ACT-IAC Emerging Technology Community of Interest
Released: March 15, 2021

This report continues the mission of the Intelligent Automation (IA) Working Group to inform the federal government employees about technology options to advance automation within their agencies.  The group previously published an Intelligent Automation Primer and Intelligent Automation Playbook Volume 1: RPA.  Since their publication in 2019, RPA has advanced rapidly across the federal government.  As the federal RPA community expands, so does interest in complementary technologies that are similarly directly accessible to business organizations.  This report responds to this trend by providing definitions, use cases, frequently asked questions, and product information for RPA and two technologies that complement RPA, support the RPA delivery lifecycle, and expand it into intelligent solutions: Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Process Discovery/Mining. 

ACT-IAC is a vendor-neutral organization and does not promote nor recommend any one solution or vendor over another. This report therefore does not comparatively assess products.  It is intended to provide information provided by the companies in a standard, convenient format.     


Document Date: 
Mar 15, 2021
Author (organization): 
ACT-IAC Emerging Technology COI
Document type: 
ACT-IAC Report
Emerging Technology