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ACT-IAC White Paper: Intelligent Automation Playbook: RPA



Volume 1: Robotic Process Automation, Version 1

Developed by: Intelligent Automation Working Group, ACT-IAC Emerging Technology Community of Interest
Version 1 Released: October 30, 2019

This Playbook follows the ACT-IAC INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION PRIMER: An overview of the journey to intelligent automation. The President’s Management Agenda, Cross-Agency Priority Goal 6 – Shifting from Low-Value to High-Value Work encourages agencies to adopt emerging technologies such as RPA to automate administrative tasks.  RPA offers great potential for the government to cost-effectively reap benefits in the form of efficiency, accuracy, auditability, compliance, reduced process cycle time, and increased satisfaction for both citizens and employees.  RPA will help the government to absorb the coming wave of employee retirements and decreased budgets.

This playbook is intended as timely assistance for the many agencies who are considering RPA, running pilots or seeking to accelerate deployment.  The goal is to provide in-depth guidance for federal agencies to establish, operate and grow RPA programs, from understanding the capabilities and benefits through preparing the organization, evaluating software, governance, IT, implementation, operation, managing workforce impacts and scaling up.  

For non-members who would like a copy of this paper, contact Nancy Delanoche, Director for Communities of Interest.

Document Date: 
Oct 30, 2019
Author (organization): 
ACT-IAC Emerging Technology COI
Document type: 
ACT-IAC Report
Emerging Technology