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FITARA IT Management Maturity Model - Governance

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The objective of FITARA is to improve the management of IT within an agency and hence, improve the ability for that agency to deliver its mission and conduct its business. To effectively enable the agency’s mission IT must meet the current functional needs as well as evolve to meet the future needs as laid out in the agency’s strategic plan. Governance is the means by which IT programs and projects are selected and managed to ensure the agency’s needs are met in an effective manner while minimizing unnecessary duplication. IT governance requires an approach that brings together IT, mission/business, procurement, finance, human resources, etc. to be the right authority, with the right information, at the right time, to make the best possible decisions to effectively deliver IT programs. This need for proper collaboration and decision making includes both horizontal (to include all appropriate stakeholder organizations) and vertical (from strategy all the way to a program) integration.

Note: Agency means a department or establishment of the Government (compare to bureau). e.g., Treasury is an agency where Enterprise governance would reside. The bureaus under Treasury would include mission specific portfolios and sub‐portfolios aligned to the functions of the bureau.

Key themes for Governance are:

  • Involvement from all appropriate stakeholders, including CIO, CAO, CFO, CHCO (the CXOs) and the mission and business leadership
  • Having comprehensive linkage from agency strategy to portfolios to programs
  • Each level of governance has the ability to make authoritative decisions that are binding for that organization
  • Making evidence-based decisions based on accurate and actionable data
  • Governance decisions are completed timely to support IT management needs

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IT Management Maturity Model


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  1. Governance
  2. Budget
  3. Acquisition
  4. Organization & Workforce
  5. Program Management

FITARA Project Leads

     Richard Spires (Resilient Networks)
     Darren Ash (NRC)
Project Manager:
     Stephen Holden (Octo Consulting)
Team Leads
Governance Team:
     Kavita Kalatur (NetImpact Strategies)
Budget Team:
     Lester Diamond (SSA)
Acquisition Team:
     Kareem El-Alaily (Censeo Consulting)
     Steve Krauss (GSA)
Organization & Workforce Team:
     Brett Albro (Indev)
Project Management Team:
     Beth Killoran (HHS)
IT Infrastructure Team - Phase II:
     Zachery Baldwin  (GSA)