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ACT-IAC White Paper: Blockchain Playbook for the U.S. Federal Government



Blockchain Playbook for the U.S. Federal Government
Developed by the Blockchain Working Group, ACT-IAC Emerging Technology Community of Interest
Date Released: April 2, 2018
Date Updated: June 5, 2019

This Playbook comes right after the ACT-IAC Blockchain Primer and proposes a process and five phases to support the United States Federal Government in its understanding and application of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for its mission. Each phase contains a set of key activities organized in functional areas that go beyond just the technical aspects of blockchain but include management, people, process, and acquisition areas.

Blockchain has the potential to help government mitigate fraud, reduce errors, and lower the cost of paper-intensive processes, while enabling collaboration across multiple divisions and agencies to provide more effective and efficient services to citizens. Moreover, the adoption of blockchain may also allow governmental agencies to provide new value-added services to businesses and others which can generate new sources of revenue for these agencies.

Informational flyer about the playbook is available here.  An interactive version of the playbook is available on GitHub.

For non-members who would like a copy of this Playbook, contact Nancy Delanoche, Director for Communities of Interest.

On June 5, 2019, the ACT-IAC Blockchain Playbook was updated include the Implementation Phase.

Document Date: 
Apr 2, 2018
Author (organization): 
ACT-IAC Emerging Technology COI
Document type: 
ACT-IAC Report
Emerging Technology