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ACT-IAC Awards


As a volunteer driven organization that depends upon the commitment of many individuals from government and industry to achieve the organization’s mission, ACT-IAC is fortunate to have many dedicated members who make significant contributions on a regular basis.  Each year ACT-IAC recognizes some of the most exceptional volunteers for their contributions.  Major awards are as follows:

ACT-IAC Industry Executive Leadership Award 

Each year an industry executive who has made significant and continuing contributions to improving government and to ACT-IAC over a sustained period of time is recognized with the ACT-IAC Industry Leadership Award.  The award is presented in the spirit of Janice K. Mendenhall, a highly respected former senior government executive who exemplified the best of public service.  

Previous winners:

2018 - Mitzi Mead, Accela Consulting
2017 - Greg Giddens, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
2016 - Andy Robinson, Robbins-Gioia
2015 – Herb Strauss, HHS/Social Security Administration
2014 – Kay Kapoor, AT&T
2013 - Mark Forman, Government Transaction Services
2012 -- Anne Reed, ASI
2011 –  Craig Luigart, Veterans Health Administration
2010 – Deirdre Murray, Qwest Communications
2009 – Robert Woods, Topside Consulting
2008   Deirdre Lee, Compusearch
2007 - Ellen Glover, ICF International
2006 - Renny DiPentima, SRA
2005 - Marcella Banks, GSA
2004 - Kevin Carroll, Army
2003 - Howard Ady, Bearing Point
2002 - Sandra Bates, GSA
ACT-IAC Government Executive Leadership Award

Each year ACT-IAC recognizes a government employee who has made extraordinary, impactful and innovative contributions to the government community over a sustained period of time.  The award is presented in the spirit of John J. Franke,  a long time senior executive who was committed to the idea of a government that truly and effectively serves the public and was known for his respect for the individuals with whom he worked, regardless of their position or title.

 Previous Winners

2018 -  Kay Ely, General Services Administration
2017 -  Mathew Blum, Office of Federal Procurement Policy, OMB
2016 -   Robert Suda, Suda and Associates
2015 -   Martha Dorris, General Services Administration
2014 -   Mary Davie, General Services Administration
2013 -   Dave McClure, General Services Administration
2012 -   John Okay, Department of Agriculture and Lisa Schlosser, OMB
2011 -   Roger Baker, Department of Veterans Affairs
2010 -   Jim Williams, General Services Administration
2009 -   John Johnson, General Services Administration
2008 -   Karen Evans, Office of Management and Budget
2007 -   Kevin Carroll, Department of the Army
2006 -   David Wennergren, Department of Defense
2005 -   John Gilligan, Department of the Air Force
2004 -   Sandra Bates, General Services Administration
2003 -   Ira Hobbs, Department of the Treasury
2002 -   Dave Borland, General Services Administration
2001 -   Jim Flyzik, Department of the Treasury
2000 -   Marty Wagner, General Services Administration
ACT-IAC Education Award

The ACT-IAC Education Award is presented to individuals from government and industry who have made significant contributions in educating, sharing knowledge and bringing awareness towards a more effective and efficient government.  The award is presented in the spirit of Ginny McCormick.  Ms. McCormick was a long-time government employee who spent 46 years with GSA before retiring.  Through her work with the Federation of Government Information Processing Councils (FGIPC, now ACT) and the ADP Council of the Southeastern States, Ginny helped define the government-industry partnership we know today.

Previous Winners

2018 - Soraya Correa (DHS) and Todd Hager (Macro Solutions)
2017 - Stu Hammer DXC
2016 -  Dee Delaney, AT&T
2015 – Steve Krauss (GSA) and Bob Clarke (Monster)
2014 – Rabiah Sutton, FWDThink
2013 – Darlene Meskell, General Services Administration
Individual Contributor of the Year

The Individual Contributor of the Year award is presented to individuals from government and industry who have had significant involvement in ACT-IAC over the past year and have made a difference.  

Previous Winners:  Government Contributor of the Year

2018 -  Darren Ash (USDA)
2017 -  Maria Roat Small Business Administration
2016  -  Dan Morgan, Department of Transportation
2015 – Johan Bos-Beijer, General Services Administration
2014 – David Santangelo, DHS
2013  - David Curtis, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
2012 -  Rory Schultz, U.S. Department of Agriculture
2011–  Rick Holgate, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
2010 – Mary Davie, General Services Administration
2009 - Casey Coleman, General Services Administration
2008 - Mike Carleton, Department of Health and Human Services
2007 - Peter Tseronis, Department of Education; and Ed Roback, Department of the Treasury
2006 - Ira Hobbs, Department of the Treasury
2005 - Scott Hastings, US-VISIT Program Management Office at the Department of Homeland Security
2004 - Ed Meagher, Department of Veterans Affairs and Tamie Lyles Santiago, Department of Defense
2003 - Dan Chenok, Office of Management and Budget

Previous Winners: Individual Contributor of the Year:

2018 -  Susan Becker (Unisys)
2017  - Adelaide O’Brien IDC Government Insights
2016 -  Chip Block, Evolver
2015 – Lou Kerestesy, GovInnovators
2014 – Allen Ashbey, Sapient
2013 – Kavita Kalatur, NetImpact Strategies
2012 – Tom Suder, Mobilegov
2011 -  Anne Reed, ASI Government
2010 – Onelia Codrington, Performance Value Corporation
2009 – Dan Chenok, Pragmatics
2008 - Mike Mullen, INDUS
2007 – Faye Farah, SAIC
2006 – John Okay, Topside
2005 – Tricia Iveson, SI International and Anne Altman, IBM
2004 – Venkatapathi Puvvada, Unisys and Rick Slifer, Broadwing
2003 -  Leslie Barry, Computer Associates, Joe Draham, GTSI and Chuck Viator, Jr., Cetacean Networks, Inc.
Rookie of the Year Award

The Rookie of the Year award is presented to an individual who is new to ACT-IAC within the past two years and has already made a significant contribution.  

Previous Winners

2018 - Jeff  Flick (NOAA) and Charlotte Lee (Kastling)
2017 - Mike Fischer (BRMi) and Dr. Michael Whitaker (ICF)
2016 - Matt Sexton (Tista Science & Technololgy) and Zach Buss (Booz Allen Hamilton)
2015 - Catherine Ives (Citizant) and Derry Goberdhansingh (E3 Federal Solutions
2014 – Jared Townshend, Deloitte
2013 – Victor Koo, K3 Solutions
2012 – Rabiah Sutton, FWDthink
2011 – Michael Donovan, HP
2010 – Habib Nasibdar, USMAX Corporation
2009 – N/A
2008 - Joel Horwitz,, Inc.
2007 - Janis Keating, Constellation
2006 - Carey Bandler, fSONA Systems
2005 - Sharon Payne, SPSS
ACT-IAC Leadership Award

Beginning in 2008, the ACT President and IAC Chair each selected an individual to receive an award who has made significant contributions but has not otherwise been recognized.  Initially there was an IAC Chair’s Award and ACT President’s Award.   In 2014 the ACT President and IAC Chair consolidated these two separate awards into a single ACT-IAC Leaders’ Award in recognition of the strong partnership between ACT and IAC.

ACT-IAC Leader's Awards -        

2018 - Kenneth Allen (ACT-IAC)
2017 - Lesley Field (OMB) and Margie Graves (OMB)
2016 - Tony Scott, (OMB), Richard Spires (LearningTree International) and Wayne Davis (CenturyLink Government)
2015 -  Dan Chenok (IBM) and Rick Holgate (Gartner)
2014 – Kimberly Purlia (Purlia-Parris) and John Grant (GSA)
ACT President's Award -    2013 – Mary Davie, General Services Administration
IAC Chairman's Award -    2013 – Margie Graves, Department of Homeland Security
ACT President's Award -    2012 – Kathleen Turco, General Services Administration
IAC Chairman's Award -    2012 – Molly O’Neill, CGI Government
ACT President's Award -    2011 – Martha Przysucha, General Services Administration
IAC Chairman's Award -    2011 – Jim Obendorfer, IBM and Anne Armstrong, 1105 Government Information Group
ACT President's Award -    2010 – Dave Wennergren, Department of Defense
IAC Chairman's Award -    2010 – Ed Meagher, CSC
ACT President's Award -    2009 – Darren Ash, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
IAC Chairman's Award -    2009 – Roger Baker, Department of Veterans Affairs and Mark Forman, KPMG
2018 ACT-IAC Collaboration Awards

This year’s awards were presented to several teams from government and/or industry who have made a positive difference in the federal community through collaboration and acted in the spirit of the ACT-IAC mission, while driving new methods and approaches and creating a more effective, innovative and responsive government over the last 5 years. The award recognizes the collaborative, extraordinary, impactful, and innovative contributions to ACT-IAC and the federal community.

The ACT-IAC Collaboration Award was presented to the following teams:

The ACT-IAC Government Innovation Community Advisors which included Alexis Bonnell (USAID), Arianne Miller (OPM), Nagesh Rao (SBA), and Jim Thompson (State Dept.);

The HHS Buysmarter Team which included John Gentile (HHS), Lori Ruderman (HHS), Kenneth Thomson (Nationwide IT Services), Christos Steadas (HHS), Ginny Aristorenas (HHS), Sisley Chung (Nationwide IT Services), Lisa Harper (Data Federal), Stephen Woodring (The Clearing), Sean Follin (The Clearing), Deneen Brent (Nationwide IT Services), Margo Thomas (The Clearing), Jose Arrieta (HHS), Oki Mek (HHS) and Clarence Randall (HHS);

The OPM HR Line of Business Team which included Anita Murray (OPM), Marcel Jemio (OPM), and Jeffrey Pollack (OPM)

The ACT-IAC Management and Modernization COI Leadership Team which included Stu Hammer (Perspecta), Daniel York (GSA), Vera Ashworth (CGI), Eric Stogoski (Earnst & Young), Melvin Brown (DHS), and Colleen Law (SIE Consulting);

The ACT-IAC Emerging Technology COI Blockchain Playbook Team which included Sandy Barsky (GSA), Sherri Sokol (DISA), Star Vanamali (Sapient), and Venkat Kodumudi (CGI).


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