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Reimagining Government IT: An exploration of shared visions and challenges from IT's biggest players -- survey results



This document provides the results from a 2018 survey conducted by Meritalk and ACT-IAC  to assess howkey players in the government IT community feel about current challenges and opportunities.  Questions asked include:

Have we reached a tipping point?  What do agencies want from modern technologies?  What roadblocks are still stifling their progress?  And, most importantly – how can key agency functions work together to enable change?

In order to answer these questions, Meritalk and ACT-IAC co-sponsored a survey of more than 300 Federal finance, IT, and procurement decision makers to understand their shared vision for the future and uncover critical disparities.  The study examines modernization progress and challenges, and outlines how Feds in different functions can work together to drive good government through technology.

Highlights of the study indicate:

  • Federal finance, IT, and procurement pros say we’ve reached a modernization tipping point:
  • But current priorities may be missing the mark:
  • Federal IT modernization – it’s complicated:


The study’s findings will be reviewed in depth on October 16, 2018 at ACT-IAC’s Imagine Nation – ELC 2018. 



Document Date: 
Oct 9, 2018
Author (organization): 
Meritalk and ACT-IAC
Document type: 
Technology Management
Workforce Management