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Small Business Alliance Events


ACT-IAC Small Business Alliance Events

The ACT-IAC Small Business Alliance plans on having several events throughout the calendar year 2019.  These events consist of our Straight Talk series, our half-day events and our Networking & Teaming Mixers.  You can find a short description of these events below.

Straight Talk Series

The ACT-IAC Small Business Alliance Straight Talk series consists of a dynamic government leader from a different agency, presenting on what Small Business means to their agency in addition to how Small Businesses can do more business with their agency.   These collaborative sessions focus on growth opportunities for small business and advice for success in the federal marketplace.

Half-Day Events

The ACT-IAC Small Business Alliance Half-Day Events focus on general “how-to’s”.  Past events have included “Doing Business with the Intelligence Community,”  “Positioning for Successful Delivery to CMS Missions,” and “How to Best Market, Outreach and Team to Pursue Opportunities as a Small Business.”  In 2017 except to see half-day events organized around Joint Ventures and several agencies.

Networking & Teaming Mixers

The ACT-IAC Small Business Alliance Networking & Teaming Mixers are a new style of networking session designed to engage other members in teaming for specific opportunities and projects that are near term.  Much like speed dating, each attendee will have 30 seconds to tell everyone attending a specific “ask” they are looking to achieve out of the Mixer.   These events are open to Small and Large Businesses in addition to all Government.  If you are interested in hosting a networking and teaming mixer at your company's office, please contact Michael McRae at

For more information about the ACT-IAC Small Business Alliance click here.

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Upcoming Small Business Alliance Events

Monday, March 2, 2020 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm