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Associates Overview


associates applications are CLOSED

Applications for the Associates 2022 class will open in January 2022

Important Dates

  • February 1, 2021 - Applications open for the 2021 Class
  • March 12, 2021 - Applications close. All applications must be submitted by Midnight EST 
  • Week of March 22, 2021 - Notifications made to all applicants. 
  • April 7, 2021 - Associates Class Orientation


Tuition Fees

  • $1995 for all Associates


Overview of the Associates Program

The Associates Program prepares entry-level professionals, with up to six years of experience, for their future roles as leaders in government and industry. This unique program fosters career growth through coaching and classroom training as well as independent and team exercises. The ten-month program trains ambitious young professionals who want to master skills such as personal branding and career management early in their careers.  The Associates Program provides essential personal, team, and career development trainings by the trusted subject matter experts within the government IT community. The monthly educational programs are primarily held outside of normal business hours and reveal real world tips and techniques from some of the industry's most successful individuals.

Unique Differentiators

The ACT-IAC Associates program is unlike any other leadership development program. The 10 month curriculum  provides participants the opportunity to:

  • Learn about current challenges of the federal IT industry
  • Gain an understanding of the culture of government and industry federal IT 
  • Be coached and taught by respected leaders in the career field
  • Cultivate a professional network of  peers, coaches, and other industry professionals
  • Accelerate professional and personal growth
  • Collaboration through classes,  social events, and a case study project
  • Earn a minimum of 25 Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)
Applicant Demographic

The successful Associate will:

  • Have between 1-6 years of experience, government candidates should be a Grade 7-11
  • Candidates should have a well-rounded background in their discipline
  • Be considered a “rising star” in his or her agency or organization and possess a willingness to learn
  • Be willing to dedicate 4-8 hours per month for ACT-IAC Associate activities between February and November
  • Be recommended by a Sponsor within their organization or agency


Participant fee is $1995 for government and industry.  This includes all meals, facilities and training costs.  ACT-IAC understands and is accustomed to helping agencies navigate uncertain budgets for more information contact Chelsea Foster, Manager of Professional Development at [email protected]

*Please note more than one person per industry company can apply and be accepted. 

Application Time Periods

Applications for the 2020 Associates program are CLOSED.  Applications for the 2021 Associates class will open December 2020. To be notified when the 2021 Associates applications become available please click here.


“The Associates program greatly exceeded all of the expectations I had going in. I gained a comprehensive and pragmatic set of skills that I was able to instantly put to use on topics such as Public Speaking, Managing Up and Conflict Resolution among others.  In addition to the skills that I gained throughout the course of the program I also was able to establish a number of relationships with other young professionals whose values reflected my own.” 

--Amanda Finley 
   United States Department of Agriculture 
   Associates Graduate 2019


“The ACT-IAC Associates program has accelerated my career. Through the program I left the bubble of my company, regularly engaging with peers across industry members and government agencies. If the relationships I built with peers, chairs, and mentors was not enough, sessions expanded my professional knowledge and confidence. The program discussed mentorship, networking, and managing up – in a context relevant to my career."

-- Andrew D’Abbraccio 
    Senior Business Consultant, Ventera Corporation 
    Associates Graduate 2018 



"Participating in the ACT-IAC Associates Program was an extremely rewarding experience.  What I appreciated most was networking with industry partners both in and outside of the program, building my personal brand, and gaining a better understanding of the Government IT Community.  It is paramount during the early stages of a career to gain meaningful connections, and the Associates Program does just that. This program provides both the tools, and the opportunities, to polish and perfect your personal brand so that you are well equipped to grow within the Industry."

--Nick Adams
  Contract Specialist, General Services Administration
  Associates Graduate 2017



“The ACT-IAC Associates Program provides an eye-opening introduction to a community where government and industry collaborate, break down communication barriers, and work together as partners to solve problems and advance the government. Over the past year, I have been grateful for the opportunity to jumpstart my professional network, learn from senior industry and government leaders, acquire new skills and toolsets that I will use for the rest of my career, and join a welcoming community that I will stay involved in long after graduation.”

--Michaela Suomi 
  Senior Business Analyst, CGI Federal 
  Associates Graduate 2017