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ACT-IAC created the Agile/DevOps Working Group to identify and explore the culture, practice, and tools needed to increase the government's ability to deliver applications and services at a faster pace than using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed will enable the government to better serve their customers and fulfill their mission.

The Working Group defines DevOps as “an operational philosophy and culture that includes tools, automation, processes, and practices to enable collaboration among everyone involved in building and running systems.  DevOps also leverages lean principles, such as: flow, feedback, and continuous improvement to eliminate silos and move the developer closer to end-users resulting in continuous delivery of business value to customers." 

The Working Group is currently working on a project that will increase understanding of DevOps across the federal government.

Contact Nancy Delanoche for more information about this project. ACT-IAC members, from both industry and government, with an interest and expertise in DevOps are welcome to participate.


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