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Special Projects


Periodically, ACT-IAC undertakes projects outside of other groups that conduct projects like the Communities of Interest and the Institute for Innovation. These “Special Projects” involve a high-priority, high-visibility, high-impact issue often driven by new legislation, policy, or emerging issues of importance across the federal government. Teams of ACT-IAC subject matter experts convene to address the issue usually by developing a project report often accompanied by holding an event focused on the topic and the report.

In May 2018, the Federal CIO Council Services, Strategy, and Infrastructure Committee asked ACT-IAC to evaluate the technical maturity, availability for procurement, and important issues related to potential federal agency adoption of zero trust networking (ZTN) and software defined networking (SDN). Those technologies could radically transform and improve cybersecurity and data protection and sharing. And, the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract could provide the means for agencies to acquire those capabilities. The project began with market research, presentations and demonstrations, and evaluation of the underlying trust algorithms. Future phases could include assessment of implementation issues, policy issues, and pilot projects.

The report was completed on April 18, 2019 and is available here.

For more information on Zero Trust/Software Defined Networking, contact Mike Howell or call ACT-IAC at (703)208-4800.



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