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Smart Lean Government Practical Guide Vol 2-Strategic Roadmap - 11-2013




Government is at a crossroad as it attempts to maintain basic citizen and customer services in an increasingly austere environment of "doing more with less". The Smart Lean Government (SLG) Practical Guide has been developed to guide change agents as they shape and implement 21st century solutions. It highlights what needs to be done to create the lean, agile, and adaptive government services envisioned through a sustainable collaboration model.

SLG promotes:

  • Sustaining focus on high-quality services for the public,
  • Reducing costs through partnering and sharing,
  • Enhancing value delivered through collaboration, and
  • Fostering innovation and continuous improvement.

This guide is organized into three parts:

  • Volume One: Core Concepts details how SLG is constructed, how each of its components work independently, and how they functionally relate to each other;
  • Volume Two: Strategic Roadmap describes the steps change agents need to take in creating the "enterprise" that will operate and manage SLG initiatives; and
  • Volume Three: Tactical Implementation provides the tools through which to create SLG initiatives and using those tools, a practical guide to navigate the processes.
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ACT-IAC Report
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