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Small Business Administration WOSB Presentation_June 23 2020



Starting on July 15, 2020, the certification process for Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSBs) and Economically Disadvantaged WOSBs (EDWOSBs) will begin to change as SBA implements Congress’ changes to the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contracting Program (WOSB Federal Contracting Program), as put forth in the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

These new regulations make it easier for qualified small businesses to participate in the WOSB Federal Contracting Program by improving the customer experience. At the same time, the SBA is strengthening oversight and maintaining the integrity of the certification process.

These slides are from the Federal Insights Exchange session  featuring  Thomas McGrath, Deputy Director of Program and Resource Management, Office of Government Contracting and Business Development, Small Business Administration from June 23 2020.

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Jun 23, 2020
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Engagement Opportunities