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Shared Services - Why Is This So Hard, Has The Game Changed?

Shared Services - Why Is This So Hard, Has The Game Changed?

Monday, October 21, 2019 - 2:45pm to 3:25pm
Center Stage

Utilizing shared services to streamline traditional back-office functions has always seemed sensible. But the road to implementing shared services in the federal government has been arduous. The new path that GSA and OMB have embarked on carves out a significantly greater role for industry, promoting development of a marketplace of services that customers want to buy rather than a top-down approach to forced compliance. What will make this new approach successful, and what lessons can be drawn from industry or past government experience to maximize the probability of success?

Come to this session to learn more about the path the government is taking towards shared services and how lessons learned from past experience will inform new opportunities for industry and agencies alike.


John Marshall – Founder & CEO, Shared Services Leadership Coalition

Jamie M. Krauk – Executive Director (Acting), Department of Commerce Enterprise Services

Earl Pinto – Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of Shared Solutions and Performance Improvement, General Services Administration