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Scott L. DuVall, PhD

Director, VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure

Scott DuVall is the director of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI) Health Services Research and Development resource center that provides a secure environment, analytic tools, and a nation-wide view of VA medical record data to more than 6,000 VA-credentialed researchers. He leads the VA Office of Research and Development (ORD) priority of Putting VA Data to Work for Veterans. Included in this effort is mapping data to national standards, collecting and linking other data sources to VA data, extracting clinical, social, and demographic elements from clinical notes using natural language processing, and developing tools to explore and visualize data. Then he and the VINCI team put to these data to work through precision medicine, pharmacogenomics, and supporting clinical decision making and scientific discovery.


Dr. DuVall is an Associate Professor in the University of Utah School of Medicine Division of Epidemiology. He received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Informatics.