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Welcome to the ACT-IAC Press Room where you can view all the latest press releases and news coverage from ACT-IAC programs and initiatives.
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News Article Sep 29, 2019 ACT-IAC Announces 2020 Voyagers Program Participants
News Article Sep 23, 2019 GSA looks to refine software-defined networking in EIS
News Article Sep 19, 2019 DHS finds cloud move not a one-hop swap
News Article Sep 18, 2019 Despite Delays, GSA Is Optimistic About EIS Network Modernization
News Article Sep 18, 2019 CLOUD DHS cloud push comes with complications
News Article Sep 17, 2019 DHS Components Migrating to Cloud as Major Data Center Closes, Official Says
News Article Sep 15, 2019 ASRC Federal’s Darren Death Boasts Cross-Sector Cyber Career, Volunteerism
Press Release Sep 12, 2019 32 Government and Industry Participants Selected for 2020 ACT-IAC Voyagers Class
News Article Sep 9, 2019 Moving out smartly on cloud and modernization
News Article Sep 6, 2019 Move to new telecom contract requires agencies to modernize without breaking the mission
News Article Aug 30, 2019 USDA’S Playbook for Making Tech Reforms Stick [ACT-IAC IT Management and Maturity Model in support of FITARA]
News Article Aug 28, 2019 EIS 101: September Deadline Approaches for Agencies
News Article Aug 26, 2019 GSA Official Signals Optimism for Agency EIS Solicitation Progress Despite Delays
News Article Aug 26, 2019 5 steps for building a zero-trust environment
News Article Aug 23, 2019 What Is a Zero-Trust Model in Cybersecurity, and What Does It Mean for Federal IT
News Article Aug 22, 2019 Agencies Buckling Down on EIS solicitations
News Article Aug 22, 2019 How agencies can securely move to the cloud
News Article Aug 21, 2019 Agencies May Not Meet EIS Deadline, But Future Extensions Aren’t in Sight
News Article Aug 21, 2019 GSA softens line on looming EIS due date
News Article Aug 21, 2019 Special Report: Zero Trust Necessary for Cloud Security
News Article Aug 21, 2019 Will agencies start to modernize their telecom in time?
News Article Aug 16, 2019 Agencies have a lot of options to find innovation, it’s a matter of using them
News Article Aug 15, 2019 DOJ Aims for Network Modernization with EIS
News Article Aug 9, 2019 More telecom vendors tipped for EIS authority
News Article Aug 2, 2019 What To Expect From Future FITARA Scorecards
News Article Aug 1, 2019 GAO previews upcoming changes to next FITARA scorecard criteria
News Article Aug 1, 2019 How USDA Drove FITARA Across the Agency
News Article Aug 1, 2019 ACT-IAC maturity model gives agencies roadmap to improve FITARA scores
News Article Aug 1, 2019 CIOs weigh in on what FITARA has meant for them
News Article Aug 1, 2019 FITARA Scorecard to Implement New OMB Data Center Metrics
News Article Jul 31, 2019 Can agency cyber evaluations be improved?
News Article Jul 31, 2019 New data center metrics to show up in FITARA scorecard
News Article Jul 30, 2019 ACT-IAC Updates IT Management and Maturity Model
Press Release Jul 25, 2019 ACT-IAC Releases Second Government IT Management Maturity Model
News Article Jul 24, 2019 FedRAMP Issues a New Challenge: Help Us Improve
News Article Jul 23, 2019 USDA set to release EIS task order
News Article Jul 23, 2019 USDA CIO Aims to Boost FITARA Scores in December
News Article Jul 17, 2019 Why Agencies Should Make Zero Trust Their Mission
News Article Jul 1, 2019 FDA Wants to Use Blockchain to Keep Food Safe
News Article Jun 25, 2019 Federal CX picks up speed
News Article Jun 6, 2019 For HHS, blockchain means faster ID management and safer mangoes
News Article Jun 5, 2019 Can digital bits protect what you bite?
News Article Jun 5, 2019 Emerging Technologies Transforming Federal Business, Development
News Article Jun 5, 2019 Is the US the weak link in the blockchain?
News Article Jun 5, 2019 New CIO Wants to Make HHS a Testbed for Budding Tech
News Article May 31, 2019 Small-agency CIOs embrace OMB’s push toward more shared services
Press Release May 30, 2019 ACT-IAC Voyagers Announces 2019 Graduating Class
Press Release May 29, 2019 Igniting Innovation Conference and Awards Highlight Public-Sector Innovations
News Article May 17, 2019 CIO Council, OMB identifying the pieces to complete the zero trust puzzle