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Welcome to the ACT-IAC Press Room where you can view all the latest press releases and news coverage from ACT-IAC programs and initiatives.
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News Article Apr 21, 2020 New contract, new leadership coming at NITAAC
News Article Mar 18, 2020 Some agencies finding they lack the bandwidth for ‘maximum telework’
News Article Mar 9, 2020 Building out program management capabilities in government
News Article Mar 10, 2020 Agencies ramp up coronavirus preparations, as NOAA plans large-scale telework ‘test’
News Article Mar 10, 2020 Planning for the Future Workforce at DHS
News Article Mar 10, 2020 How DHS is addressing workforce needs beyond job titles
News Article Mar 2, 2020 VA wants to be a leader in using artificial intelligence
News Article Feb 6, 2020 What Government Can Learn from a New AI Playbook
News Article Oct 23, 2019 FITARA Scorecard Could Use Some Updating, Panelists Say
News Article Aug 21, 2019 Agencies May Not Meet EIS Deadline, But Future Extensions Aren’t in Sight
News Article Jul 31, 2019 Can agency cyber evaluations be improved?
News Article Aug 1, 2019 GAO previews upcoming changes to next FITARA scorecard criteria
News Article Jul 23, 2019 USDA CIO Aims to Boost FITARA Scores in December
News Article Jul 23, 2019 USDA set to release EIS task order
News Article Jul 24, 2019 FedRAMP Issues a New Challenge: Help Us Improve
News Article Jul 17, 2019 Why Agencies Should Make Zero Trust Their Mission
News Article Jul 1, 2019 FDA Wants to Use Blockchain to Keep Food Safe
News Article Jun 25, 2019 Federal CX picks up speed
News Article Jun 5, 2019 New CIO Wants to Make HHS a Testbed for Budding Tech
News Article Jun 5, 2019 Is the US the weak link in the blockchain?
News Article Aug 1, 2019 How USDA Drove FITARA Across the Agency
News Article Jul 31, 2019 New data center metrics to show up in FITARA scorecard
News Article Aug 23, 2019 What Is a Zero-Trust Model in Cybersecurity, and What Does It Mean for Federal IT
News Article Aug 22, 2019 Agencies Buckling Down on EIS solicitations
News Article Aug 16, 2019 Agencies have a lot of options to find innovation, it’s a matter of using them
News Article Aug 15, 2019 DOJ Aims for Network Modernization with EIS
News Article Aug 9, 2019 More telecom vendors tipped for EIS authority
News Article Aug 2, 2019 What To Expect From Future FITARA Scorecards
News Article Aug 1, 2019 FITARA Scorecard to Implement New OMB Data Center Metrics
News Article Aug 1, 2019 CIOs weigh in on what FITARA has meant for them
News Article Aug 1, 2019 ACT-IAC maturity model gives agencies roadmap to improve FITARA scores
News Article Jul 30, 2019 ACT-IAC Updates IT Management and Maturity Model
News Article Jun 6, 2019 For HHS, blockchain means faster ID management and safer mangoes
News Article Jun 5, 2019 Emerging Technologies Transforming Federal Business, Development
News Article Jun 5, 2019 Can digital bits protect what you bite?
News Article Apr 29, 2019 Will agencies implement zero trust faster with TIC 3.0?
News Article Apr 23, 2019 VA CIO: Where We've Been and Where We're Going
News Article Apr 23, 2019 Cyber Officials Swear They Aren't the Enemy
News Article Apr 24, 2019 VA CIO James Gfrerer: 3 insights on the agency's health tech developments
News Article Apr 24, 2019 Improving Fed Healthcare Cybersecurity Starts With Building Bigger Table
News Article Apr 24, 2019 New GSA Dashboards Will Leverage Small Business Role, Agency Goals in Acquisition Processes
News Article Apr 22, 2019 What Do Agencies Need to Implement Zero-Trust?
News Article Apr 17, 2019 HHS Seeks to Spur Breakthroughs in Treating Kidney Disease
News Article Apr 18, 2019 Shutdown caused surge for E-Verify, but modernization helped
News Article Apr 18, 2019 Laying the groundwork for zero-trust networks
News Article Apr 30, 2019 DHS cloud migration RFP may arrive this fall under EAGLE NextGen
News Article Apr 30, 2019 DHS Tries Again to Build a Contract for Agile Development
News Article May 31, 2019 Small-agency CIOs embrace OMB’s push toward more shared services
News Article May 14, 2019 Federal Data Strategy Rollout ‘Could Be Any Day,’ Official Says
News Article May 15, 2019 OMB working on gov-wide cloud effort