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Welcome to the ACT-IAC Press Room where you can view all the latest press releases and news coverage from ACT-IAC programs and initiatives.
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News Article Feb 21, 2018 OMB wants acquisition innovation
News Article May 15, 2019 OMB working on gov-wide cloud effort
News Article Jan 31, 2017 OMB, IRS Vet Dave Mader Joins Deloitte as Federal Civilian Sector Chief Strategy Officer
News Article Jun 20, 2018 OMB: Don’t count on TMF money for EIS contract transition
News Article Apr 13, 2017 OMB’s Budget Guidance Draws Mixed Reaction From Employee Groups
News Article Nov 25, 2019 OMB’s data reskilling pilot to train executives as well as front-line employees
News Article Nov 22, 2019 OMB’s Margaret Weichert: Data is the “Lifeblood” of Fed Service Delivery
News Article May 2, 2016 OSIsoft and Illinois Institute of Technology Named Finalist in 2016 ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation Awards
News Article Jan 5, 2017 Outgoing presidential IT advisers offer Trump 10 tips to succeed
News Article Oct 15, 2018 Overcoming Dark Data Roadblocks in Agency Cloud Migration
News Article Jan 28, 2020 Oversight, Data Leadership Improving State Department IT, CIO Says
News Article Mar 3, 2015 Paul Gregory, Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy
News Article Oct 17, 2018 Pentagon to Young Techies: We Want You (To Come Work for Government)
News Article Mar 10, 2020 Planning for the Future Workforce at DHS
News Article Apr 4, 2018 Playbook aims to provide agencies a litmus test for blockchain
News Article Sep 4, 2015 PM-ISE's Howell to lead Institute of Innovation at ACT-IAC
News Article Apr 5, 2017 Positive emotional experience’ is Trump aide’s vision for modernized citizen services
Press Release Oct 6, 2019 Positive Hiring Outlook for Data Analytics Jobs in Government
News Article Feb 9, 2017 Pragmatics Employees Complete ACT-IAC Educational Programs
News Article Oct 30, 2014 Pragmatics VP, GM Christopher Hegedus Completes ACT-IAC 2014 Partners Program
News Article Apr 20, 2018 Predictive analytics pointing VA to veterans at risk of suicide
News Article Feb 17, 2015 President's budget outlines future of federal IT
News Article Feb 20, 2020 Primer Released to Guide Agencies in DevOps Implementation
News Article Jun 6, 2016 Putting Census 2020 to the Test
News Article Apr 20, 2018 Recognizing the Need for Innovation in Acquisition
News Article Oct 27, 2014 Red tape holding back hiring at U.S. Digital Service
News Article Jan 25, 2016 Report offers ideas for improving federal cybersecurity
News Article Oct 26, 2015 Reservists, rotations and a call to end 'hacks' of the federal hiring process
News Article Jul 10, 2015 Richard Spires: ACT-IAC to Provide Tools for FITARA Implementation
News Article Nov 29, 2018 Risk Management Framework adoption hits stumbling blocks at DOD
Press Release Oct 20, 2016 Robbins Gioia Announces New CEO Andrew Robinson
News Article May 24, 2016 Roth touts TTS program at ACT-IAC keynote
News Article Mar 3, 2015 Rung lays out IT-heavy agenda for procurement policy office
News Article Oct 26, 2015 Rung: Inaugural IT acquisition cadre starts work this week
News Article Oct 20, 2015 S.F. Business Portal a Finalist for Federal CIO Award
News Article May 22, 2017 Senior leaders face big challenges ahead of Trump budget
News Article Oct 26, 2016 Seven steps to a smooth transition
News Article Oct 26, 2016 Seven steps to a smooth transition
News Article Oct 27, 2014 Shared services for mapping and a GSA promotion
News Article Mar 24, 2015 Should Agencies Deliver Services Based on Life Events?
News Article May 8, 2019 Should agencies pilot zero trust now?
News Article Sep 12, 2018 Should government expand its ID proofing role?
News Article Apr 18, 2019 Shutdown caused surge for E-Verify, but modernization helped
News Article Jan 8, 2019 Shutdown Forces Feds Off the Conference Circuit
News Article May 31, 2019 Small-agency CIOs embrace OMB’s push toward more shared services
News Article Mar 18, 2020 Some agencies finding they lack the bandwidth for ‘maximum telework’
News Article Jun 4, 2015 Speaking at an ACT-IAC event, several procurement leaders said the law shows how ubiquitous IT has become in government operations
News Article Aug 21, 2019 Special Report: Zero Trust Necessary for Cloud Security
News Article Jun 9, 2015 Spires: Some agencies will struggle with FITARA implementation