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Welcome to the ACT-IAC Press Room where you can view all the latest press releases and news coverage from ACT-IAC programs and initiatives.
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News Article Jul 24, 2017 How analytics can help agencies fight fraud
News Article Jan 28, 2020 How data drives IT delivery at State
News Article Mar 10, 2020 How DHS is addressing workforce needs beyond job titles
News Article Mar 5, 2020 How Government Program Management Took a Cue from The Big Screen
News Article Oct 23, 2019 How GSA is using data to drive better decisions
News Article Mar 29, 2018 How GSA turned an automation project into a acquisition time-saver
News Article Oct 16, 2018 How much time could RPA save your agency?
News Article Oct 1, 2018 How NASA plans on ensuring that its data is accessible forever
News Article May 11, 2018 How New Centers of Excellence Are Driving IT Modernization
News Article Dec 17, 2019 How open innovation can transform the government technology playing field
News Article Jul 14, 2015 How the Government Is Getting Serious About CX—Part 1
News Article Jan 23, 2020 How the Pentagon’s JAIC Picks Its Artificial Intelligence-Driven Projects
News Article Apr 5, 2017 How the VA Makes Customer Service Personal
News Article Nov 29, 2018 How TIC 3.0 will support agency modernization plans
News Article Feb 9, 2015 How to innovate in a short timeframe and on a shoestring budget
News Article Oct 26, 2015 How to move beyond 'moats and castles' in cyber defense
News Article Apr 5, 2017 How Trump's management order gives VA 'air cover'
News Article Aug 1, 2019 How USDA Drove FITARA Across the Agency
News Article Oct 9, 2015 How VA Improves CX with Journey Mapping
News Article Sep 13, 2018 How Will Federal Identity Management Technology and Policy Evolve?
News Article Dec 7, 2016 How will Trump tackle legacy IT?
News Article May 15, 2018 Igniting Innovation awards showcase creative problem solving
Press Release May 29, 2019 Igniting Innovation Conference and Awards Highlight Public-Sector Innovations
News Article Oct 15, 2018 Imagine Nation ELC 2018: A Deep Dive on the Interior Department's Use of Drones
News Article Oct 16, 2018 Imagine Nation ELC 2018: Agencies Count Down to the End of TIC
News Article Oct 8, 2018 Imagine Nation ELC 2018: Cyber, Customer Service and Emerging Tech Are on the Table
News Article Oct 22, 2018 Imagine Nation ELC 2018: Election Systems Are Safer, But Not Safe Enough
News Article Oct 16, 2018 Imagine Nation ELC 2018: Emerging Tech Helps USDA, Interior and USCIS Innovate
News Article Oct 17, 2018 Imagine Nation ELC 2018: GSA’s Murphy Talks Transformation, Automation and Modernization
News Article Oct 19, 2018 Imagine Nation ELC 2018: How Agencies Are Spending TMF Money
News Article Oct 15, 2018 Imagine Nation ELC 2018: Use Government Data for Innovation, Possible Revenue
Press Release Oct 9, 2019 Imagine Nation ELC 2019 Focuses On Driving Impact In Government Through Technology
News Article Oct 16, 2019 Imagine Nation ELC 2019: Driving Impact Is the Goal for Tech and Government Leader
News Article May 13, 2019 Implementing A Zero Trust Architecture
News Article Aug 6, 2018 Improve Your Agency's Customer Experience in 8 Steps
News Article Apr 24, 2019 Improving Fed Healthcare Cybersecurity Starts With Building Bigger Table
News Article May 4, 2016 InCadence Mobile Biometric Solution Wins "Transformer of the Year" Award at 2016 ACT-IAC Igniting Innovations Award
News Article Oct 26, 2018 Indian American SBA Executive G. Nagesh Rao Honored with ACT-IAC Collaboration Award
News Article Nov 4, 2019 Industry Advisory Council Taps Ted Davies
Press Release Apr 27, 2017 Innovation in Government is Thriving!
News Article Oct 22, 2019 Internet Papa Ponders ‘Inter-Cloud’ Development
News Article Oct 28, 2014 Interview with Beth Cobert, Deputy Director, Office of Management and Budget
News Article Oct 17, 2014 Interview with Kathleen Cowles, Principle, Deep Water Point
News Article Oct 28, 2014 Interview with Kathy Conrad, acting Associate Administrator, GSA OCSIT
News Article Oct 12, 2017 IRS explores AI applications
News Article Apr 3, 2018 Is Blockchain Right for Your Agency? Here’s a Quiz to Find Out.
News Article Jun 5, 2019 Is the US the weak link in the blockchain?
News Article Oct 27, 2015 IT chiefs: 'We’re leaving, and we’re leaving fast'
News Article Oct 22, 2018 IT modernization starting to leave its mark on federal procurement