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Welcome to the ACT-IAC Press Room where you can view all the latest press releases and news coverage from ACT-IAC programs and initiatives.
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News Article Mar 3, 2020 VA Official Stresses Increased Cyber Threats to Connected Medical Devices
News Article Apr 10, 2019 VA Sets Goal to Move 350 Apps to Cloud by 2024
News Article Apr 10, 2019 VA Turns to App Developers to Overcome Legacy Tech
News Article Mar 2, 2020 VA wants to be a leader in using artificial intelligence
News Article Jan 22, 2020 VA’s Artificial Intelligence Director Details AI Institute’s Early Efforts
News Article Nov 22, 2019 Vest RPA Tech Management with Line Employees, VA Official Recommends
News Article Oct 16, 2018 Video: Imagine Nation ELC 2018: EAC and CERT Highlight Their Voting Cybersecurity Efforts
News Article Oct 16, 2018 Video: Imagine Nation ELC 2018: USCIS and SBA Evolve Their Website Services with Emerging Technology
News Article Oct 16, 2018 Video: Imagine Nation ELC 2018: USDA Improves Services with
News Article Oct 16, 2018 VIdeo: What's the coolest thing you learned at Imagine Nation 2018?
News Article Oct 16, 2018 Video: A new playbook for fraud prevention
News Article Oct 16, 2018 Video: Former oversight official gives insights on FITARA
News Article Oct 15, 2018 Video: Imagine Nation: The future of federal IT and people
News Article Jan 23, 2019 Washington Technology: Why market share matters for the DOD cloud
News Article Oct 15, 2018 Weichert says federal employees, data will fuel transformation
News Article Oct 23, 2019 Weichert: PMA Aims To Boost Government Agility, Trust
News Article Jul 25, 2018 We’re From the Government and We Want Blockchain
News Article Oct 22, 2019 What agencies need to implement the Federal Data Strategy
News Article Apr 22, 2019 What Do Agencies Need to Implement Zero-Trust?
News Article Sep 18, 2018 What federal job automation looks like
News Article Feb 6, 2020 What Government Can Learn from a New AI Playbook
News Article Aug 23, 2019 What Is a Zero-Trust Model in Cybersecurity, and What Does It Mean for Federal IT
News Article Aug 2, 2019 What To Expect From Future FITARA Scorecards
News Article Jan 28, 2019 What’s DoD Doing to Fill AI Talent Gap?
News Article May 2, 2019 What’s Hot In Federal Tech, Per GSA’s IT Category Lead
News Article Nov 18, 2019 When it comes to shared services, Labor isn’t eating the apple in one bite
News Article May 9, 2019 When zero trust in government is a good thing
News Article May 16, 2019 Where Do Agencies’ EIS Network Transition Plans Stand?
News Article Oct 29, 2018 Where Is Federal IT Modernization Headed in 2019?
News Article Jan 16, 2019 While interest in robotics is growing, RPA needs some home runs
News Article Jul 17, 2019 Why Agencies Should Make Zero Trust Their Mission
News Article Feb 21, 2020 Why feds shouldn't fear GitHub
News Article Apr 29, 2019 Will agencies implement zero trust faster with TIC 3.0?
News Article Aug 21, 2019 Will agencies start to modernize their telecom in time?
News Article Jan 9, 2020 Working to simplify acquisition innovations, Tim Cooke (ASI) on Government Matters
News Article Apr 17, 2019 Zero-trust networks to build on EIS
News Article Mar 13, 2019 [Acquisition] Innovation Inspiration: It’s Here
News Article Oct 3, 2019 ‘How do we do better?’ Chief data officers see hiring challenges persist
News Article Oct 17, 2018 ‘Maximum mobility’ within federal workforce is goal of proposed NSF app