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Welcome to the ACT-IAC Press Room where you can view all the latest press releases and news coverage from ACT-IAC programs and initiatives.
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News Article Oct 23, 2019 Top management official wants a more ‘agile’ government
News Article Oct 29, 2014 Top Obama administration official says FAR can be made to work
News Article Jul 30, 2015 Trade Group Collecting Tips on Federal Cybersecurity for White House
News Article Oct 6, 2015 Trade Group's FITARA Maturity Model Could Help Agencies With 2017 Budget
News Article May 23, 2016 Transportation Department offers glimpse of FITARA's impact
News Article Jan 22, 2020 Treasury Shares how Human-Centered Design Enables its Tech Transformation
News Article Jun 20, 2018 Treasury to issue EIS solicitation in July led by CIO
News Article Nov 26, 2019 Trends in Zero Trust cybersecurity, Government Matters interview with Steven Hernandez (DOE) and Darren Death (ASRC Federal)
News Article May 23, 2017 Trump budget pushes IT modernization
News Article May 11, 2017 Trump signs cyber EO promoting IT modernization, shared services
News Article May 11, 2017 Trump signs long-awaited cybersecurity executive order
News Article Jan 17, 2017 Trump taps family friend as tech advisor
News Article Mar 26, 2017 Trump taps Kushner to lead a SWAT team to fix government with business ideas
News Article Nov 14, 2016 Trump transition team 'evaluating' entire executive office structure
News Article Oct 28, 2014 Turco: General schedule 'strangles' change in gov't
News Article Oct 4, 2019 Two more big agencies issue EIS task orders
News Article Apr 10, 2019 Two of the Greatest Barriers to Federal Health Innovation
News Article Jul 19, 2017 Unisys Federal Executives Jennifer Napper and Susan Becker Elected to Leadership Roles with Prominent Government/Industry Groups
News Article Jun 11, 2015 Unisys Federal Receives Citation for Android Fleet Manager; Casey Coleman Comments
News Article Oct 9, 2014 starts the conversation on improving workforce engagement
News Article Apr 16, 2018 US Tech Group Releases ‘Playbook’ To Help Gov’t Understand If It Needs Blockchain
News Article Jun 1, 2015 USAJobs makeover is OPM's summer job this year
News Article Feb 21, 2020 USCIS Deputy CIO Oshinnaiye Tells Agency’s DevOps Story
News Article Jul 23, 2019 USDA CIO Aims to Boost FITARA Scores in December
News Article Oct 21, 2019 USDA consolidating SOC functions, personnel
News Article Oct 16, 2018 USDA Saved Millions So Far Due to Centers of Excellence
News Article Jul 23, 2019 USDA set to release EIS task order
News Article May 26, 2020 USDA, DoT CIOs Like Telework Productivity Trends
News Article Jun 19, 2018 USDA’s Gary Washington: IT Modernization Through Centers of Excellence a ‘Change Management Effort’
News Article Aug 30, 2019 USDA’S Playbook for Making Tech Reforms Stick [ACT-IAC IT Management and Maturity Model in support of FITARA]
News Article Feb 13, 2020 USPTO Adopting New Contract Strategy Amid Modernization Drive
News Article Apr 24, 2019 VA CIO James Gfrerer: 3 insights on the agency's health tech developments
News Article Apr 23, 2019 VA CIO: Where We've Been and Where We're Going
News Article Mar 4, 2020 VA Gearing up for ‘Healthcare 4.0’
News Article Mar 3, 2020 VA Official Stresses Increased Cyber Threats to Connected Medical Devices
News Article Apr 6, 2017 VA Prepares for Organization Shift - adds new Chief Experience Officer
News Article Apr 10, 2019 VA Sets Goal to Move 350 Apps to Cloud by 2024
News Article Apr 10, 2019 VA Turns to App Developers to Overcome Legacy Tech
News Article Mar 2, 2020 VA wants to be a leader in using artificial intelligence
News Article Jan 22, 2020 VA’s Artificial Intelligence Director Details AI Institute’s Early Efforts
News Article Dec 1, 2015 Verizon's Michael Maiorana on government transformation
News Article Nov 22, 2019 Vest RPA Tech Management with Line Employees, VA Official Recommends
News Article Apr 19, 2018 Veterans’ higher expectations for health care driving VA’s new tech approach
News Article Oct 16, 2018 Video: Imagine Nation ELC 2018: EAC and CERT Highlight Their Voting Cybersecurity Efforts
News Article Oct 16, 2018 Video: Imagine Nation ELC 2018: USCIS and SBA Evolve Their Website Services with Emerging Technology
News Article Oct 16, 2018 Video: Imagine Nation ELC 2018: USDA Improves Services with
News Article Oct 16, 2018 VIdeo: What's the coolest thing you learned at Imagine Nation 2018?
News Article Oct 16, 2018 Video: A new playbook for fraud prevention