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Welcome to the ACT-IAC Press Room where you can view all the latest press releases and news coverage from ACT-IAC programs and initiatives.
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News Article Oct 21, 2018 GM Video: Lessons learned from USDA’s Centers of Excellence model
News Article Jan 24, 2020 GSA CDO: Data Outcome Feedback Loops Can Improve Predictive Analytics
News Article May 26, 2020 21st Century IDEA envisioned a digital government, a pandemic made it happen
Press Release Mar 13, 2019 28 Government and Industry Participants Selected for 2019 ACT-IAC Partners Class
News Article Nov 27, 2019 30 Federal IT Influencers Worth a Follow in 2019
Press Release Sep 12, 2019 32 Government and Industry Participants Selected for 2020 ACT-IAC Voyagers Class
Press Release Apr 11, 2019 4/11/2019 David M. Wennergren Named CEO for ACT-IAC
News Article Oct 25, 2019 5 considerations as you start 2020
News Article Aug 26, 2019 5 steps for building a zero-trust environment
News Article Aug 28, 2018 9 ways to streamline EIS choices
Press Release Oct 23, 2019 ACT-IAC 2019 Partners Program Graduates 1,000th Participant
News Article Jan 28, 2019 ACT-IAC Academy Partners with CC Pace
Press Release Oct 17, 2018 ACT-IAC Announces 2018 Awards and Award Winners
Press Release Oct 16, 2018 ACT-IAC Announces 2018 Partners Program Graduating Class of Leaders
Press Release Nov 21, 2019 ACT-IAC Announces 2019 Associates Graduating Class
Press Release Oct 23, 2019 ACT-IAC Announces 2019 Awards and Award Winners
News Article Sep 29, 2019 ACT-IAC Announces 2020 Voyagers Program Participants
Press Release Mar 28, 2019 ACT-IAC Announces Igniting Innovation 2019 Conference and Awards Finalists
Press Release Apr 23, 2020 ACT-IAC Announces Igniting Innovation 2020 Conference and Awards Finalists
Press Release Nov 15, 2018 ACT-IAC Calls for Government-Enabling Innovations from All Quarters
News Article Oct 17, 2018 ACT-IAC conference shows agencies, industry trying to simplify federal acquisition
Press Release Feb 7, 2020 ACT-IAC Congratulates 2020 Federal 100 Award Winners
News Article Feb 13, 2020 ACT-IAC DevOps Forum on February 20th
News Article Oct 30, 2018 ACT-IAC executive director Ken Allen stepping down after 14 years
Press Release Aug 2, 2018 ACT-IAC Issues Customer Experience Playbook to Transform Service Delivery
News Article Oct 17, 2019 ACT-IAC Issues Report on Federal Data Strategy Compliance Program
News Article Aug 1, 2019 ACT-IAC maturity model gives agencies roadmap to improve FITARA scores
Press Release May 27, 2020 ACT-IAC Moving to Virtual Conferences and Events for the rest of 2020
News Article Apr 12, 2019 ACT-IAC Names David M. Wennergren CEO
News Article Apr 11, 2019 ACT-IAC names David Wennergren as its new CEO
News Article Apr 11, 2019 ACT-IAC Names New CEO
News Article Apr 11, 2019 ACT-IAC names Wennergren CEO
Press Release Feb 14, 2020 ACT-IAC Partners Leadership Development Program Selects 2020 Class of 20 Government and 20 Industry Participants
News Article Aug 3, 2018 ACT-IAC pens framework to help agencies reform their CX
Press Release Oct 16, 2019 ACT-IAC Ramps Up Data-Related Activities
News Article Jan 22, 2020 ACT-IAC Releases AI Playbook for Federal Agencies
Press Release Jan 22, 2020 ACT-IAC Releases New Artificial Intelligence Playbook
Press Release Feb 20, 2020 ACT-IAC Releases New DevOps Primer
Press Release Nov 5, 2019 ACT-IAC Releases New Intelligent Automation Playbook for RPA
Press Release Jul 25, 2019 ACT-IAC Releases Second Government IT Management Maturity Model
Press Release Oct 30, 2019 ACT-IAC Seeking Innovation Nominations for 2020 Igniting Innovation Awards
News Article Jul 30, 2019 ACT-IAC Updates IT Management and Maturity Model
Press Release May 30, 2019 ACT-IAC Voyagers Announces 2019 Graduating Class
News Article May 27, 2020 Adapting to the new network normal
News Article Nov 27, 2019 Administration for Community Living Leading Data Innovation Within HHS
News Article Jan 29, 2020 Advancing AI Through Collaborative Sprints at VA
News Article Sep 20, 2018 After 25 years, ACT-IAC leadership conference gets a whole new approach
News Article Aug 22, 2019 Agencies Buckling Down on EIS solicitations