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Transforming the Way Government Builds Solutions



The Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Office of the Federal Chief Technology Officer (CTO) asked the ACT-IAC Institute for Innovation to develop recommendations that would enable government to transform the way it buys, builds and implements successful 21st century solutions through the application of modular development, open data, rapid innovation, and agility, as well as seamless integration of reusable components. “Reusability” can produce more cost effective solutions while lowering risk, increasing agility and providing flexibility to meet the ever evolving (and often underfunded) mission needs of the government. The overall goal of this project is to provide actionable recommendations to accelerate successful implementation of the digital government strategy and shared services policies. The charter for this study includes ways to: Build government solutions in a modular, agile manner using open data and machine readable APIs with effective security and privacy measures; Increase the discoverability of existing applications and data sources that can be adapted to other uses; Drive broad adoption of the recommendations across government and industry, including acquisition, IT and financial policies and other change management innovations.


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