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RFP Communications Workshop



On November 30, 2010 a group of government and industry executives participated in a workshop to identify a list of best practices that will serve to:

Positively affect the US federal procurement process so that our government can be more effective in buying what it needs;

Reduce the number of solicitations that result in no bids or end up with multiple extensions due to large numbers and multiple rounds of questions from industry;

Improve the quality of the proposals received by the government; and

Improve the services and solutions provided by industry to better support the government’s mission.

The following document summarizes the results of the workshop discussions. The recommendations are provided in the form of the “Top 10” lists which include:  Top 10 Best Practice DOs and DON’Ts for government in preparing IT services or solutions-based RFPs/RFQs and in communicating with industry between the market research and proposal submission time frame.  Top 10 Best Practice DOs and DON’Ts for industry in preparing questions to communicate, and in response to market research and RFPs/RFQs.

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ACT-IAC Report
Collaboration & Transformation