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Recommended Functions for a Customer Experience Office



This paper was initially commissioned by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as result of its commitment to transform the agency into an organization that delivers exemplary service to veterans and their dependents and exudes an atmosphere whereby employees are even prouder of their work to serve veterans. The VA established a centralized Customer Experience Office at the enterprise level to bring focus to this goal. ACT-IAC was asked to describe the primary functions required to establish a Chief Veteran Experience Office (CVXO) based on best practices. After an initial brainstorming session with the Task Force and the VA, we identified seven areas to be discussed. They include:

Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

Customer Experience Innovation

Channel Management

Business Improvement / Performance Management / Customer Advocacy

Research, Data and Insights

Marketing and Outreach / Partner Relationships


As VA is not unique in government in its desire to improve citizen services, the work done for the VA became the basis for this paper. Each of the above areas are briefly described in the following document with recommended goals for the first 90 days, responsibilities and tasks, staffing levels, and critical partnerships. The appendices provide further recommendations from an Example of a Chief Customer Care Office Staffing Plan (Appendix A) and Recommendations from the U.S. Digital Services Playbook (Appendix B).


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ACT-IAC Report
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