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Harnessing Life Events to Connect Citizens and Services: An Innovator’s Guide



ACT-IAC Institute for Innovation

Date Released: December, 2015

Increasingly, governments—federal, state, local and tribal—are focused on designing citizen-centered services that deliver value to customers and meet or exceed expectations. In support of these efforts, ACT-IAC’s Institute for Innovation sponsored this project to help agencies become more citizen-centric by leveraging a life event framework to transform customer service, advance service delivery and exceed customer expectations. In this Innovation Paper, we report our findings and recommend how to:

  • Improve customer service through collaboration and sharing;
  • Improve information-sharing to streamline and monitor service; and
  • Deliver meaningful and measurable value to the public.
Document Date: 
Dec 31, 2015
Author (organization): 
ACT-IAC Institute for Innovation
Customer Experience