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Data Literacy: The Importance of Speaking the Language of Data to Public Sector Missions



In previous articles, we focused on how enabling the right environment and recognizing the importance of the role of the government Chief Data Officer (CDO) can support the impactful use of data.  On this post, we contend that speaking the same “data language” is also crucial in achieving impactful, data-driven results.  In a recent Data Foundations webinar highlighting Information as a Second Language™ (ISL), Valerie Logan, CEO of The Data Lodge and former VP Analyst with Gartner asserted that business models today can no longer be transformed by just people, process and technology.  In other words, “Data literacy is the new literacy of the Digital Age.”  Data is an equally important vector to digital business, agility, and the effective transformation of organizations.  Data must be considered core to the business and mission.

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Aug 17, 2020
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Institute for Innovation