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ACT-IAC: Where government and industry leaders collaborate.

Opportunities for Engagement


 opportunities for ENGAGEMENT [PDF Available]

ACT-IAC offers its members a number of methods in which they might engage to maximize the value of their membership.

Network with Peers and Colleagues in Government and Industry
Participate in Thought-Leadership with Government and Industry

For more information about getting engaged, please email us at

Immediate Volunteer Opportunities as of November 15, 2017


  • Volunteers Needed for "Identify and Attract Future Talent-as-a-Service Project" 
    • Seeking ACT-IAC members interested in supporting Phase 2 of Talent as a Service (TaaS) project
    • Government and industry volunteers are needed to assist with research and recommendations to improve the government hiring process
    • Volunteers will also participate in interviewing government and commercial sector officials and preparation of the final work product and collaborate with team members in the development of a concept of operations (ConOps).
    • This project is organized by the ACT-IAC Evolving the Workforce Community of Interest (EWF COI)
    • Register here for the project and webcast.
    • Deadline is December 1, 2017


  • 2018 Partners Program - Senior Level Professional Development Program
    • Challenging curriculum to prepare senior leaders for promotion to the Senior Executive Service (SES) or C-level ranks within the next 3-5 years
    • Educational courses are based on OPM’s Executive Core Qualifications
    • Focus on true collaboration through a 1:1 ratio of government to industry participants
    • Ideal candidates:
      • GS 15 (or High Step GS 14) level (or equivalent level in industry), and be promotable to SES ranks in 3-5 years
      • 15+ years of experience in progressively responsible positions across a multitude of business activities
    • Application deadline is Friday, January 5, 2018


  • 2018 Associates Program — Rising Stars Professional Development Program
    • Preparing entry-level professionals for future roles as leaders in government and industry by offering hands-on and practical education in a participatory and collaborative environment
    • The nine-month program with topics including personal branding, team-building and career management for ambitious young professionals who want to master these skills early in their careers
    • Ideal candidates:
      • Candidates should be GS 7 – 11 (government) entry-level managers or professionals (industry) with 2 -5 years of experience in project management, contracting, customer service, technical or in another key role in their organizations.
      • Have a well-rounded background in their discipline and/or career within their agency.
    • Application deadline is Friday, January 19, 2018


  • GSA Seeking Role Management Working Group Participants
    • As GSA's Integrated Award Environment brings its 10 systems together into, they're making big changes to industry role management. They are redefining existing roles and permissions, changing the way roles are assigned, and providing consolidated, high-level administrative capabilities for managing users and data across all your entities and all application functionality as it is migrated from all of the legacy systems
    • This is a major undertaking, and to be done well, requires validation from industry. During the next couple of months, GSA will conduct working group sessions with industry to share their current designs, listen to your feedback, and resolve outstanding questions
    • To sign up, please complete this questionnaire at If you're having trouble accessing the form, send an email to
    • In the upcoming weeks, invitations will be sent out with session topics and agendas so that you can attend the sessions that are of most interest to you


Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Institute for Innovation and Special Projects

The ACT-IAC Institute for Innovation provides an objective and non-partisan forum for strategic thought leadership to advance government missions through the innovative application and management of information technology.

Contact Mike Howell at for more information.

ACT-IAC Professional Development Programs

ACT-IAC offers four exceptional professional development programs which are highly respected and noted throughout the government IT community.  Those include: Associates, Voyagers, Partners and Champions. Graduates of these programs are uniquely qualified to advance to the next stage in their career.  These professional development programs are only open to members of ACT-IAC.  Participants are named through an application and selection process.

Contact Laura Smith at for more information.

ACT-IAC Small Business Alliance

ACT-IAC is committed to fostering the growth of small businesses and ensuring that they continue to play an important role in the government information technology marketplace -launched in 2014, the ACT-IAC Small Business Alliance focuses on the promotion of  the interests and contributions of the Small Business community through programs and events designed to increase member engagement, enable stronger liaison across ACT-IAC offerings and provide an in-depth Community of Interest specific to the affinity of small business, tailored to the varying levels of maturity of our members.

Ongoing Opportunity:  Volunteer to Help the Small Business Alliance!  

ACT-IAC Sponsorship Program

As ACT-IAC sponsors, IAC member organizations promote their company and their commitment to the government IT community and the ACT-IAC mission.  Sponsorships provide financial support for premier ACT-IAC events such as Executive Leadership Conference (ELC), Management of Change (MOC), Acquisition Excellence (AE), Igniting Innovation and ACT-IAC Forums - and provide significant value to our sponsoring member organizations.

Contact Nicholei Jamero at for more information.

Ongoing Opportunity:  Become a Sponsorship Ambassador for ACT-IAC!  If you are interested in becoming a Sponsorship Ambassador for ACT IAC, please contact Carol Miller at cmiller@actiac.orgMore... 

ACT-IAC Communities of Interest (COIs) (previously referred to as Shared Interest Groups)

This is where government and industry officials work together to develop best practices, new solutions and innovative strategies to improve government through the application of technology.  COIs are standing committees addressing specific issue areas and are often considered the heart of the organization.  New community members are always welcome.  Please contact Nancy Delanoche at

Ongoing Opportunity:  Join our COIs anytime; click the links below for more info.

Customer Experience
Digital Enablement
Emerging Technology
Evolving the Workforce
Financial Management, Information Sharing, & Shared Services
IT Management and Modernization 
Networks & Telecommunications

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