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Online IAC Membership Dues Renewal Instructions



Membership Dues Renewal 
Online Payment Instructions

The instructions below are intended for individuals who have been assigned as the Point of Contact (POC) role by their company. 

  1. Login to the ACT-IAC website

  2. Option A:  Click on “POC Functions” button on your dashboard, or
  3. Option B:  Click on “Manage Profile” or “Edit Profile” button

  4.  (Option B only): On the “User Menu” select “Organization Invoices (POC Only)”, select “Organizations You Manage”, then click on your organization Name.

  5.  On the Organization Invoices page under the Membership section click on “renew”.

  6. Review the invoice and click “Add to cart”.
  7. Complete the shopping cart process.
Document Date: 
Dec 19, 2016
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ACT-IAC Internal