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Olivia Blackmon

Academic Co-Chair

Olivia M. Blackmon is Director of Corporate Outreach and Special Projects at George Mason University, She has her Ph.D. in Sociology with a concentration in Education Technology, and advanced quantitative methods. Dr. Blackmon recently received a Fulbright, where she will work with local NGOs in Ghana to conduct an impact evaluation of education, technology and women health programs throughout rural areas. She currently is the Director of Corporate Outreach and Special Projects at the George Mason University – Virginia Serious Game Institute (VSGI). At VSGI, Dr. Blackmon is the chair of the VA-Alliance for Cyber, Technology and Computer Science Training, a consortium of public school districts, community colleges, four-year universities, and industry leaders. She is also on the board of directors for the Virginia Community College System supporting Cyber Security and Technology partnerships across the Commonwealth. In addition, she works on Veteran programs to establish a pathway for Cyber, Computer Science and Technology, workforce development.

Formerly, she was the Asst. Program Director at The George Washington University school of Integrated, Information Science & Technology Program, and teaches courses in Political Data Analytics, Advanced Research Methods, and Education. Dr. Blackmon previously served as a Senior Education Advisor and Sr. Business Development Officer where she oversaw evaluations of K-12 STEM and reading literacy programs in Central America, East Africa and Southeast Asia. During her tenure at Devtech, she was the Senior Advisor to the United Nations Global Impact forum for West Africa to support equal educational opportunities for children and women. Previously she has served as the Director of Research at Thurgood Marshall College Fund and conducted research on STEM initiatives at Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) across the U.S., and collaborations with STEM projects in Brazil. She has consulted with USAID, World Vision, the United Nations, and UNICEF to design, implement and measure high impact STEM, reading literacy and humanitarian programs.