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NorthStar of ET: Achieving Omnichannel CX Excellence

NorthStar of ET: Achieving Omnichannel CX Excellence

Monday, October 21, 2019 - 10:30am to 11:30am
Themes Theatre
Emerging Technology

The currency of positive CX is trust. “Omnichannel,” can be used to describe the numerous ways a service is provided and supported to the customer (e.g. phone, website, and branch offices.) Government Agencies are seeking the use of various emerging technologies to assist in delivering seamless experiences, content, and support for their wide-ranging services. The session will seek to gain insight into the unique challenges and exciting opportunities present when emerging technologies are recruited to improve CX. Participants will get a completely unique opportunity to hear a never before gathered panel of leaders who seek to improve trust in their Agencies through achieving omnichannel excellence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Audience members gain insight into various Government-wide initiatives aimed at creating and enhancing the omnichannel experience
  • Audience members will hear the various omni channel strategies undertaken by Federal Agencies in order to reach their customers
  • Audience members will hear a discussion on the challenges, opportunities, and objectives of major federal transformation initiatives aimed at providing a seamless and inclusive omnichannel experience



Stephen L. Buckner – Assistant Director of Communications, U.S. Census Bureau

David L. Johnston – Social Media Manager, Transportation Security Administration

Betsy Sirk – Information Technology Program Manager, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Steve H. Holden, Ph.D. – Associate CIO for IT Policy & Oversight, Department of Transportation

John B. Hill – Assistant Commissioner, Financial Innovation & Transformation Bureau of the Fiscal Service, Department of Treasury

Dominic Sale – Assistant Commissioner of Solutions, Technology Transformation Service,