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Submission #102

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Submitted by Mark Karkenny
Fri, 01/24/2020 - 7:22pm

Institute for Innovation leads ACT-IAC Initiative on Success Case Studies

The SBA story above is the first in a series….

The Institute for Innovation is partnering with ACT-IAC communities and government partners to share actionable practices and innovative approaches from which others can learn and adopt. The Case Studies highlight approaches to “move the needle” and drive successful change. Have you or others you know found ways to break through long-standing barriers? To fundamentally change the way your organization operates? Adopted new technology that has changed the nature of work and achieved new business results? Please let us know - we welcome input on projects of this nature for future Case Studies!

Initial Case Studies will include:

Prioritized List of Case Studies

1. Labor IT Metrics - This case study will highlight the comprehensive set of metrics the Department of Labor uses to delivery and manage their technology. This metrics address operational IT, the IT workforce, cybersecurity, and mission modernization.

2. MGT ACT Working Capital Funds - This government-wide case study will explore how certain agencies were able to implement working capital funds that were authorized in the Modernizing Government Technology Act of 2017. These working capital funds provide agencies with a way to reinvest savings to address unfunded technology priorities. As of December 2019, only 3 agencies received an “A” on the Congressional scorecard for establishing these working capital funds.

3. EIS Success - The Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions program will simplify the process of acquiring enterprise telecommunications and IT infrastructure by enabling the procurement of integrated, secure solutions while providing cost savings through aggregated volume buying. This case study will identify those agencies who have used this contract valued at $50 billion to acquire innovative solutions and the benefits of these solutions.

4. GSA Center of Excellence - This case study will highlight the success stories and lessons learned from GSA’s Centers of Excellence. Candidate COEs will include artificial intelligence, cloud adoption, customer experience, data and analytics, and infrastructure optimization.

5. HHS Emerging Tech - Emerging technology has transformed the health care industry. This study will showcase those emerging technologies, including blockchain and artificial intelligence, and the keys to successful implementation.

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