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Submission #77

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Submitted by Mark Karkenny
Wed, 04/24/2019 - 8:31pm

Syracuse University Accepts ACT-IAC Institute for Innovation Capstone Project

Syracuse University's Department of Defense Comptroller Program accepted a project proposal from ACT-IAC’s Institute for Innovation. The project, one of several in the university’s masters-level program, is entitled “Application of Commercial Category Management to Enhance Mission Effectiveness in the Department of the Army and Other Government Agencies”.

The Army spends billions of dollars buying common goods and services within its operations and maintenance budget. If the Army could adapt the proven practices of commercial category management, it could unlock efficiencies from that spending. Billions of dollars could be redirected to higher priorities while realizing improved performance. ACT‐IAC’s Institute for Innovation is interested in engaging students in learning the application of the commercial category management best practices and in developing recommendations for their application in the government and their own organizations. The deliverable will be an applied policy/implementation paper showing how the Army could implement category management and achieve the desired outcomes. The project will begin in April and finish in June.

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