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Submission #37

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Submitted by Michael Howell
Wed, 06/20/2018 - 6:00pm

Innovators Join the Stanley Cup Excitement - Inadvertently, But Happily!

Just one block from the sea of red at the Capital One Arena, on that fateful evening of June 7th when the Capitals’ won the Stanley Cup, ACT-IAC's Institute for Innovation invitees and members of David Bray’s Creative Brainstorming Group gathered. With Capitals revelers downstairs, dedicated innovation enthusiasts (and hockey fans) met upstairs. Excitement all around! Nagesh Rao, SBA’s Director of Business Technology Solutions,facilitated a lively discussion that ranged from IT modernization, to mission resiliency, to the impact of government’s role in funding small business innovation. Plans are afoot for another joint gathering this fall.

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