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Submission #7

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Submitted by Donnald Becker
Mon, 04/02/2018 - 11:49am

Innovation is a priority for ACT-IAC and its Institute for Innovation provides a focal point to help infuse this theme in every major program. The Institute leverages ACT-IAC’s considerable capabilities to connect innovators and provide tools and opportunities to accelerate learning and adoption. Innovation is important for government to achieve its mission and goals effectively and efficiently.  ACT-IAC and the Institute for Innovation provide a hub to address the government’s needs through the activities and support of the Institute.

The Institute’s mission is to provide an objective and non-partisan forum for strategic thought leadership to advance government missions through the innovative application and management of information technology.

Here is a glimpse of ACT-IAC and the Institute’s important work supporting government innovation. We hope you will join us in initiatives to strengthen the innovation community. Learn more about the Institute for Innovation.

Link & Leverage
  • Use the Government Innovation Inventory launched in 2017 to consolidate a list of federal innovations
  • Join in collaborative sessions focused on innovative ideas, tools, products and services  
  • Engage in online innovation collaboration  through our LinkedIn Showcase; LinkedIn Group,  and Twitter  community: #GovInnovators
  • Read and contribute to the InnOvation newsletter on innovation activities and insights
  • Champion Government Innovation projects leveraging ACT-IAC members’ and partners’ expertise, tools, and resources
  • Nominate innovative practices, tools, products or services for an Igniting Innovation Award
  • Lead a human-centered design effort using the government-industry “Innovation Zone” process
  • Join and/or advise the Innovators Circle and become part of the Institute’s governance
  • Add your program to the Government Innovation Inventory 
  • Provide leadership and input to on-line collaboration
  • Attend or host an in-person session and invite others who would benefit
On The Agenda For 2018:


Igniting Innovation Awards and Showcase becomes a full Conference, offering additional learning opportunities

New opportunities to learn from Innovation leaders, including meet-ups, forums, meetings, leadership development, for government, academia, and industry.

Regular publications, like this newsletter, that share activities and insights on Government Innovation.

The launch of a Technology Futures Initiative to offer insights about the emerging technologies affecting government 

Enhancing the Government Innovation Inventory.

Enhancing the virtual and real-world community, connecting government and industry innovators, and agency innovation advocates

Conducting a Human-centered Design Innovation Zone capability to fuel innovation, in conjunction with the government innovation community. This capability will be featured at major ACT-IAC conferences and events, including:

  • The Partners and Voyagers Joint Training Day
  • Igniting Innovation Conference
  • Acquisition Excellence
  • Imagine Nation ELC 2018 

Selection of next Catalyst Project(s) (candidates currently in review)

We hope you will join us this year and help shape our contributions to strengthening government’s innovation capacity.

For more information, contact Mike Howell at [email protected]

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