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NexUS Community

ACT-IAC NexUS: Building the Next Generation of U.S. Leadership


ACT-IAC’s Mission is to improve government through the effective and innovative application of technology. This mission is achieved by providing an objective, trusted, and ethical forum where government and industry executives can communicate, collaborate, and learn.  Recognizing the importance of identifying and connecting the emerging leaders of the government technology community, ACT-IAC established the NexUS Community (formally the Young Professionals Council) to provide a forum where these future leaders can learn, build professional networks and engage in ACT-IAC.

About NexUS

The ACT-IAC NexUS community is built on the mission of “Building the Next Generation of U.S. Leaders” to empower rising technology leaders to navigate industry and career specific challenges and opportunities. NexUS is designed with a focus on collaboration around the latest trends shaping the government of the future, learning from key government and industry executives, and working together as a powerful community to drive positive change within the federal landscape.

NexUS On-Going Engagement Opportunities

  1. Quarterly Events – Attend a focused events on relevant industry policies, trends and technologies as well as management and leadership skills development. 
  2. Networking for Purpose – NexUS provides numerous opportunities to connect with a community of 300+ individuals at social events and programs
  3. Leadership Development – Programs and activities that are designed around leadership and management skills which are specifically important to the challenges faced daily as well as what will be necessary to navigate to the next career opportunity.
  4. Government and Industry Collaboration -NexUS provides a true partnership between Public and Private Sector with both industry and government leads providing direction and leadership to the activities and goals of the community. 
  5. Build Your Professional Brand – Opportunities to represent NexUS as a thought leader through participation in ACT-IAC’s Communities of Interest as a NexUS Liaison or being a speaker on various topics for one of our projects
  6. Community Service - Numerous services activities and projects that provide NexUS members an opportunity to give back to the local community.
  7. Mentorship – Opportunities to mentor and learn from key government and industry executives that are a part of the ACT-IAC community
  8. Volunteer – Ability to demonstrate leadership, enhance your personal network, and contribute to better government by taking an active role in NexUS initiatives

NexUS Vision

Being part of NexUS is a commitment to viewing leadership as a mindset — as next generation leaders we are not waiting in the wings for a leadership position to open up or looking to advance our career by climbing a ladder. Learning from change agents who have paved the path before us and having fun along the way, the NexUS community is determined to redefine the expectations of rising leaders to meet the needs of our fast changing world.

Immediate Participation Opportunities 

NexUS is a volunteer driven organization.  Volunteers from government and industry play a vital role in leading the organization and creating the programs and outcomes.  Below are some of the volunteer opportunities:

Events and Programs

NexUS puts on numerous events throughout the year and we are looking for individuals to join our planning committee for upcoming events.  NexUS events occur quarterly and are designed to provide collaborative and educational opportunities that focus on topics that interest rising professionals within both industry and government sectors.

Communities of Interest

The Communities of Interest (COIs) are the heart of the ACT-IAC collaborative forum, where government and industry are working together to develop best practices, new solutions, and innovative strategies to improve government through the application of technology.  We are looking for individuals to act as the NexUS Liaison to serve as an active participating of the COIs and report back on any projects or activities that have synergies with NexUS. The COI’s we are seeking representation from include: Acquisition, Cybersecurity, Evolving the Workforce, Financial Management, Information Sharing and Shared Services, Networks and Telecommunications, Small Business Alliance

Community Service Opportunities and Projects

If you are looking for a way to give back to the local community, join the ACT-IAC Volunteer Corps.  Throughout the year, we coordinate numerous community service activities to channel the passion and energy of ACT-IAC’s many volunteers into supporting activities that serve a great cause.  

If you are interested in getting involved, go to the ACT-IAC NexUS LinkedIn page and click "Follow" to stay up to date on future events. You can join the conversation by joining the NexUS Group and click "Join Group" at the top of the page. You can also follow us on the NexUS Facebook page.

For more information Associate Director of Professional Development and Education, Casey Harris at