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ACT-IAC: Where government and industry leaders collaborate.


ACT-IAC NexUS: Cultivating the Next Generation of U.S. Leadership

ACT-IAC NexUS is a professional community that helps leaders navigate to the next level in their careers.

To find out about the latest events, activities and volunteer opportunities click here.


  • Designed to equip leaders with the tools necessary to advance their careers within the federal technology community.
  • Built on the foundation of industry and government collaboration with both industry and government leads providing direction to the activities and goals of the community.  
  • Open to ACT-IAC members who are passionate about creating their path to success, advancing in their careers and implementing positive change to create a more effective and efficient workforce for years to come.  

Benefits of being involved in ACT-IAC NexUS include:

  • Professional Development opportunities designed to help you become a better leader and manager as you progress in your career 
  • Networking opportunities with a community of 300+ individuals at social events and programs
  • Mentorship from senior leaders and executives within the federal contracting community 
  • Government and Industry collaboration for a better understanding of the federal IT marketplace 
  • Opportunities for recognition as a speaker at ACT-IAC events and through “Rising Stars” award
  • Community outreach and service projects to support local volunteer efforts

Our NexUS leadership team has provided 4 essential areas of focus and opportunities for volunteer opportunities:

  • Events and Programs
  • Service and Projects
  • Outreach and Communication
  • Communities of Interest

If you are interested in getting involved, go to the ACT-IAC NexUS group page and click "Join Group" at the top of the page to stay up to date on future events. You can also follow us on the NexUS Facebook page:

For more information Senior Manager of Professional Development, Casey Harris at