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Nevin Taylor

Senior Advisor

Nevin Taylor is a visionary strategist, servant leader, and technologist. This Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) subject matter expert cultivates functionality to formulate ingenious innovative capabilities by capitalizing on the art of the possible to create the science of the probable. With over with over 40 years of leadership in industry, academia, and government experience, he expertly actualizes the inherent value of data to unleash the power of information by leveraging technology to evolve knowledge in a way that empowers understanding. As a result, he is able to solve today’s most complex and perplexing problems.  

As one of the founders of the National Artificial Intelligence Institute (NAII) and AFWERX, the innovation arm of the United States Air Force, he creates transformational technologies that serve as a catalyst to optimize mission effectiveness.  A published author of four books on operationalizing data, delivering capabilities, driving innovation, and leveraging artificial intelligence, he is focused on cultivating the cognitive capacity to enlighten, empower, and evolve (E3) organizations. He has been instrumental in establishing the United States Data Steering Committee, the National Science Technology Council’s Data Science Interagency Working Group, and the United States Data Cabinet.

This 35-year senior Air Force officer and combat veteran has served as Military Advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Acquisition Technology & Logistics.  He is accredited with the establishment of the Joint Space Operations Center (JSPOC), the Air Force Chief Data Office, and the successful culmination of Operation New Dawn. He has served in public, industry, and academia; and is a Harvard Cyber Policy Scholar, National International Security Fellow, Oxford Alumni for Knowledge and Change Management for Innovative Technology, and Stanford Alumnus on Strategic Decisions and Risk Management.

Nevin has served as a Chief Executive Officer, Chair of National AI Working Groups, Deputy Chief Technologies of the Air Force, Senior Advisor to the Department of State, Strategist of the NAII, and Presidential Innovation Fellow.  A certified federal Chief Information Officer (CIO), he is currently the Chair of the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory (ACT IAC), and Advanced Technology Academy Research Center (ATARC) AI working groups, and the Chief Technology Officer at the Consumer Protection Safety Commission.