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Kelly Rose

Research Geologist

Rose is a researcher, Principal Investigator, and research portfolio lead with the National Energy Technology Laboratory’s Research and Innovation Center. Rose’s research interests include development of software driven solutions to common science-data curation, discovery and interoperability challenges.   Rose’s work also involves development of new data-driven methods and tools for analysis of energy materials, offshore energy, oil & gas, rare earth element, groundwater, carbon storage, and geothermal systems. She is associate editor for the Journal of Sustainable Energy Engineering, and is also NETL’s Technical Portfolio Lead for the Advanced Offshore Energy Research Portfolio.  Rose is co-author of award winning, data-science driven tools and models including, 1 patented, 5 trademarked, and 2 copyrighted.  She is also coauthor of more than 100 published datasets, journal, and technical studies.  Throughout her career at NETL, Rose has had the honor of mentoring and working with more than forty five STEM research interns and fellows.  She holds geology degrees from Denison University, B.S., Virginia Tech, M.S., and Oregon State University, Ph.D.